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Coastal golf course at sunrise

Best Pinehurst Courses For 10+ Handicappers

Pinehurst, North Carolina, is one of the top spots in the country for golfers who are looking to immerse themselves in the game on a vacation. While there are plenty of opportunities for low-handicappers to play, golfers with handicaps of 10 or more should not feel like they can't get their money's worth in Pinehurst. There are plenty of great courses that will not punish the h...

How Does A Professional Golfer Train?

Golf is not a sport that is often associated with a lot of physical training before the golfer takes to the course and tries to win a tournament. You get up, you take a few practice swings and off you go. Yes, you can play the game that way, and many pro golfers did just that for many years. However, today's golfers take the game--and the prize money--much more seriously than t...

Best Balance Drills

Most people have to work hard to achieve good balance. Without proper balance, a number of activities can be quite difficult. Many workouts and exercises help with balance and coordination. Focus on doing some specific balance drills regularly, and you can achieve greater balance.

Best Yoga Poses For Golfers

On first glance, it would seem like yoga and golf have little in common. However, to play your best golf, you should be loose, relaxed and have a free mental spirit. Yoga can help the golfer with all of these. There are several yoga poses that are very beneficial to golfers, and this exercise regimen is becoming quite popular among many golfers.

Phil Mickelson bounces ball on club

How to Bounce Golf Balls on Wedge Clubs

Bouncing a golf ball on a wedge can break up the monotony of waiting for the next hole to open. While players have been juggling balls off their wedges for a while, the trick became popularized when Tiger Woods filmed a commercial featuring some tricky bounces, culminating in hitting the ball midair. While the final shot is dangerous, anyone can learn the juggling portion of th...

5 Things You Need to Know About Beating That Plateau

Golf is a game of milestones. Many people use a particular score or handicap as a milestone they are looking to reach. If you are looking to reach your next milestone, you can take several steps to help yourself.

Exercises for Knee Problems

Not much can ruin a good round of golf more than an injury, especially to the knee, which means limping around the golf course and causing you to be off-balance while attempting to hit the ball. Here are a few exercises you can do to help with a knee problem and prevent further injury. When doing strengthening exercises, it is important not to do the same muscle groups on conse...

Warm Up Exercises for Achilles Tendon

A thick band of tendon connects the calf muscles with the heel. This area, called the Achilles, controls the range of motion of the foot. We use the Achilles with every step, pushing off when walking or running. Achilles tendon injuries occur commonly with many sports, including golf. The Achilles tendon comes into play during a golf swing as well as general walking around the ...

Symptoms of a Torn Pectoral Muscle

Torn, or "strained," muscles can happen after a particularly hard swing or after a few too many holes in a single day. But few people can distinguish between a "torn" muscle and an overexerted muscle, often to their detriment. Knowing the difference between a muscle that is fatigued and one that is damaged can be simple if you know the symptoms and follow some basic diagnostic ...

How to Recover From Ankle Surgery

Although ankle surgery can certainly hamper your ability to get back on the golf course, if you follow the recommended recovery procedures, you have a good chance to get back on the course within three or four months after surgery.

How to Speed up Healing of Pulled and Torn Muscles

A torn muscle is either a full or partial rupture of the muscle. It is caused by overexertion of the muscle and can occur during exercise or by a direct injury to the muscle.

How to Build Your Own Golf Cage

If you need a little extra practice time on your golf swing you can use a golf cage. Instead of buying a golf cage, you can build your own in your backyard. A golf cage is very similar to a batting cage, which is used to practice for baseball or softball. You only need a few materials and you can have a golf cage of your own built in a few hours.

How to Know If a Rotator Cuff Is Torn

The rotator cuff is a complex system of tendons and muscles that joins your upper arm bone ball joint, your joint socket and your shoulder blade. This system is extremely flexible, with a greater range of motion than any other joint in the whole body. Unfortunately, is is also quite susceptible to injury. Activities like lifting, throwing a ball and playing golf can tear the ro...

Golf Games for XBox 360

While some other gaming systems have several golf games, there are fewer available for the Xbox 360. Xbox 360 still has offers some quality golf games, but in recent years, Xbox has seemingly focused mostly on one type and has banked that this golf game will make them the most money.

What Is a Hip Flexor Injury?

The hip flexors are a group of three muscles that work together to move the hip. A hip flexor injury occurs when one or more of these muscles are strained or pulled. This is usually associated with athletes who participate in football, soccer, or track and field. This is not a common injury for a golfer, but it can happen on occasion.

Golfer stretching legs before round

Shin Splint Treatments & Stretches

Shin splints cause pain on the front of the shin bone and are the result of various activities or medical problems. One causes of shin splints is continued stress on the legs from constantly walking long distances, as when playing golf, and carrying or pulling a bag behind only adds to the stress. Besides pain in the shin, swelling is possible as well as pain in the foot when i...

Good Gym Workouts for People With Shoulder Replacements

Shoulder replacement surgery can be a painful, life-altering experience. Recovery is no easy feat. However, you can strengthen your shoulder and arm post-surgery through gym workouts, but consult your surgeon or orthopedist first. You'll be able to increase weight and intensity as your shoulder heals.

golfers walking with bags on course

Breakdown of Calories Burned Golfing

If you’re looking for an excuse to play more golf, stop calling it golf and start calling it exercise. Playing 18 holes of golf burns anywhere from 800-1,500 calories, a significant amount considering the average moderately active adult male should consume between 2,200-2,800 calories per day, a range that drops to 1,800-2,200 per day for females.

What Muscles Are Involved in a Golf Swing?

Many golfers don't know how many golf pros hit the ball 320 yards so effortlessly. They may not be as strong as NFL athletes but they utilize and strengthen the specific muscles that are essential to a powerful golf swing. The average golfer would not know what muscles are used and how they aid the golf swing. This article will discuss the muscles that are involved in some face...

Signs & Symptoms of a Pulled Muscle in the Arm

Every golfer recognizes the pain of a pulled muscle in the arm. The repetitive motion of the golf swing can contribute to muscle strain, causing small tears in the muscle. Here are ways to recognize the symptoms, methods to care for a pulled muscle and preventive measures to take to avoid the occurrence of a pulled muscle in the arm.

Lower Back Extension Exercises

Lower back pain is fairly common among golfers. A lot of this pain is due to poor posture and overall lack of physical fitness. A good way to help prevent a lower back injury is to do lower back extension exercises two to three times a week. These exercises both stretch and strengthen your muscles, which can help you develop a more fluid and forceful swing. Consult a doctor bef...

Resistance Band Lower Back Exercises

Lower back pain can wreak havoc on your golf swing. When you don't have the ability to rotate properly, you won't be able to control the flight of your ball. A preemptive strike is the best way to avoid getting lower back pain and keep your golf game on target. Resistance bands are excellent for providing a low-impact workout that will strengthen your lower back muscles and kee...

About Shoulder Bursitis Exercise

Shoulder bursitis is a painful condition that can send even the most ardent golfer to the sidelines. Burstis, an inflammation od the outer shoulder, greatly constricts arm movement. Often, sufferers cannot raise their arm over their head without intense pain. The motion of swinging a golf club is almost impossible because of the pain that radiates as a result of the bursitis. H...

Signs & Symptoms of a Pulled Muscle in the Neck

In golf, it is very easy to pull muscles during a swing, especially on cold mornings or days. Pulling a muscle in the neck is common when swinging the golf club. It's a strenuous movement, and when you swing from the rough or sand, your chances of pulling a muscle increase. There are multiple signs and symptoms of a pulled muscle in the neck.

Tips for Shoulder Muscle Exercises

Your athletic fitness and health, particularly in your shoulders, is a tremendous asset to making a powerful, accurate and repeatable golf swing. Two elements in particular--strength and flexibility--can be a great help in both improving your golf game and keeping you from injury. Add strengthening and stretching exercises to your routine and you could start seeing real results...

Signs & Symptoms of a Pulled Muscle in a Leg

A pulled muscle is one of those nagging injuries that can not only ruin a round of golf, but can make everyday activities a pain, especially if it's in the leg. In most cases, a pulled muscle will heal on its own, though usually that means refraining from activities that will put pressure on that particular muscle. However, a muscle tear or an injury to a joint will take longer...

Forearm Twists and Exercises for Strengthening Wrists

Golfers know how important their forearms can be to their games. Having strong muscles here can help you maintain a good grip on your club and hit the ball harder and farther. You can work to develop these muscles, as well as the muscles in your fingers, by doing a series of exercises where you twist your arms, and other objects, in a variety of ways. It should only take you ab...

How to Build Muscles Quickly on the Arms

Arm muscles are important, if not vital, for a good golf game. There are certain muscles on the arms---such as the forearms, triceps and wrists---that are essential to work. If you're an avid amateur or even a professional golfer, here are some are some ways to build up arm muscles quickly.

Sciatic Nerve Stretching Exercise

Maybe you have vivid memories of a round of sciatica sending pain shooting down your right leg. Swinging a club is nearly impossible, as is performing even the most basic daily activities. The sciatic nerve travels from the lower spine down the legs to the feet. This nerve can be irritated by nearby nerve damage and compression of the main sciatic nerve, according to Spine Heal...

Aquatic Exercises for Low Back Pain

To help relieve the lower back pain often suffered by golfers, exercises to strengthen the back muscles are often effective. One method of performing lower back exercises is to do them under water. According to the Ohio State University Medical Center, the buoyancy of the water can reduce stress on the joints by making it necessary for them to support only 10 percent of your bo...

Shoulder Stabilizer Exercises

A golf swing places a great deal of strain on the shoulders. If the shoulder joint is unstable, this can result in a loss of swing power and ultimately lead to injury. By performing exercises that stabilize the shoulders, golfers can help prevent injuries from occurring. Shoulder stability exercises should target the rotator cuff and the scapula.

Golf Swing Posture Exercise

Golf is a game that has undergone many changes over the years. One of the biggest changes concerns conditioning. In the 1960s and '70's, players rarely seemed to pay any attention to conditioning and many players appeared overweight and out of shape. In the last 20 years, that has become the exception. Golfers at all levels try to condition themselves, and exercises that suppor...

Sciatic Back Pain Exercises

A common golf ailment is pain in the lower back. One typical cause of this pain is sciatica, which is damage to the sciatic nerves that are located in the area of the lower spine. To help relieve the pain, you can perform some simple lower back exercises in your home, without the need for special exercise equipment.

Pilates Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Hoisting your golf bag on your shoulder and swinging your driver can both cause a lot of strain on your lower back. It's not uncommon to feel some pain in this region after a long day on the course. If you have been diagnosed with back problems, you should consult your doctor before performing Pilates. If not, you can try to relieve some of your lower back pain by doing a few P...

Bottom Foot Arch Pain

Pain in the arch on the bottom of the foot is a common problem among golfers. It is known as "golfer's heel," or plantar fasciitis, and can be very painful, especially when you first get up in the morning and the foot has had a chance to stiffen up.

six golf stretches

6 Pre-Round Golf Stretches to Warm Your Body Up

Stretching is one of the most important and often most overlooked aspects of golf preparation. Under-stretching not only leads to injury, it also affects golf performance more than most folks realize.

How Long Does a Hamstring Injury Take to Heal?

Hamstrings are any of the three tendons which are contracted by the muscles in the back of the thigh. Hamstrings are necessary to do any activity that involves athletic movement, including running and walking. If throughout a swing you feel a pull or tear in the hamstring, an injury to the hamstring has occurred and you should stop immediately. It is crucial to understand how l...


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