Golf Exercises

Golf Swing Training Exercises

If you're a golfer who is serious about improving your game, golf swing training is a key component of your regular practice. Similar to lifting weights to strengthen the muscles you use in other sports, golf swing training focuses on strengthening the muscles you use in your golf swing through resistance training. Through regular exercise of these muscles, you will realize an ...

Top Medicine Ball Exercises For Golf

Medicine ball exercises are a great way to increase power and distance on all golf swings. Professional golfers such as Tiger Woods and Camillo Villegas have begun to put emphasis on physical strength and fitness. Medicine ball exercises are a great way to increase personal strength and have it translate to a more powerful and longer golf swing.

Best Core Exercises For Golf

Everyone in golf is always looking to add distance to their shots on the course, and will try anything to do so. Golfers will alter their swings and do countless drills looking to add any extra distance. One thing many people overlook and fail to see is strengthening the core muscle group of their body. The core muscles are essential to a strong and well balanced golf swing. St...

Common Golf Injuries

A Harvard Medical School study conducted in 2004 revealed that the most common golf injuries occur to a player's back. 36 percent of injuries that were documented were to the back, while another 32 percent were to the elbow. Although golf is certainly not considered a contact sport, the motion of a golf swing can lead to these injuries, as well as damage to the knees, hips, sho...

Exercises for Strengthening Wrists

Most of a person's grip strength is built in the wrists and many exercises can be completed to develop stronger wrists. Three basic exercises that can be completed to make wrists stronger are wrist curls, wrist extensions and stress ball squeezes.

First Hole Pre-Shot Stretches

Getting in shape and staying in shape has been a mantra for staying healthy and living a longer and happier life. That philosophy has trickled down to the golf world, where it is now accepted that a golfer who keeps himself in better shape has a chance to improve more and play consistently. In addition to working out in the gym and running, golfers can stretch prior to their 18...

Two golfers stretch on the course

Best Ways To Stretch Your Hips

The hips are an intricate set of muscles intertwined with lower-back and upper-leg muscles. Isolating the area for a stretch is extremely difficult, but there are a handful of stretches that will help to loosen the hips. These exercises are simple and extremely beneficial. Though it may seem that other muscles are being stretched at the same time, the hips are being stretch...

Best Pinehurst Courses For 10+ Handicappers

Pinehurst, North Carolina, is one of the top spots in the country for golfers who are looking to immerse themselves in the game on a vacation. While there are plenty of opportunities for low-handicappers to play, golfers with handicaps of 10 or more should not feel like they can't get their money's worth in Pinehurst. There are plenty of great courses that will not punish the h...

Lower Back Stretches for Golfers

The lower back is an area of pain and achiness for many golfers. Constant twisting and turning of the muscles causes stress on the area, requiring special attention to avoid injury. A few simple stretches can loosen your lower back and keep you swinging freely and comfortably.

How Does A Professional Golfer Train?

Golf is not a sport that is often associated with a lot of physical training before the golfer takes to the course and tries to win a tournament. You get up, you take a few practice swings and off you go. Yes, you can play the game that way, and many pro golfers did just that for many years. However, today's golfers take the game--and the prize money--much more seriously than t...

Best First Tee Stretches

Golf is an athletic game. It does not compare with basketball, football or baseball, but it is a sport where basic athletic movements need to be performed consistently in order to hit the golf ball consistently. Your hips must rotate, you must have good extension on your arms and your legs must be strong enough to support the constant shifting of your weight. In order to get re...

5 Things You Need To Know About Golf Conditioning Programs

A golf conditioning program that is suited for one golfer may not be suited for another. Different golfers look to improve different aspects of their game. There are many great golfers who are out of condition, and there are also lousy golfers who are in great condition. Nevertheless, there are conditioning programs that can help both the former and latter.

Best Balance Drills

Most people have to work hard to achieve good balance. Without proper balance, a number of activities can be quite difficult. Many workouts and exercises help with balance and coordination. Focus on doing some specific balance drills regularly, and you can achieve greater balance.

Golf Flexibility Exercises

Being flexible as a golfer can be extremely beneficial in a multitude of ways. It will allow for the club to be swung on a proper plane and also more club speed will be generated, with a more flexible, long and powerful swing. Another benefit of increasing flexibility will be the lowered chance of injury and a much more comfortable swing and movement. Here are a few basic exerc...

Downward Wood Chop with Medicine Ball

The downward wood chop exercise is a workout that helps to increase the power of a golf swing. The importance of this exercise is to do it explosively. This will help to increase swing speed, which will increase distance on all of your shots. It will also condition the body to be used to the movement of the swing and increase the power involved in the motion. Here are a few tip...

Best Rotation Exercises

Flexibility is extremely important. However, many people understand basic stretches and movements but lack understanding of how to stretch properly and routinely. An area that many people forget about is rotational exercises; these increase flexibility as well as help with proper motion.These exercises are rather simple, but will be extremely beneficial to rotational movement. ...

Golf Backswing Exercises With Dumbbell

Building core strength is an important factor in golf. If you can get stronger in that area, you can get more distance on your shots and get your ball out of a difficult lie without swinging harder. Using a light- or medium-weight dumbbell can help you do that.

Best Band Exercises for Golf

The resistance band provides a number of exercise options for those who want to improve their overall conditioning and strength. It can be particularly effective for golfers who are trying to build strength in their core and upper body. Older golfers who have found that they are losing a bit of distance may get some relief in that area by exercising with a resistance band.

Best Exercises to Build Muscles Without Equipment

You don't have to join a gym, buy heavy weights or use computer-driven machines if you want to get stronger. Working out without equipment is not fancy, but it can be demanding.

Best Yoga Poses For Golfers

On first glance, it would seem like yoga and golf have little in common. However, to play your best golf, you should be loose, relaxed and have a free mental spirit. Yoga can help the golfer with all of these. There are several yoga poses that are very beneficial to golfers, and this exercise regimen is becoming quite popular among many golfers.

Torn Rotator Cuff Rehabilitation Exercises

Your rotator cuff consists of the four muscles and tendons that are at the top of your upper arm bone and hold it in your shoulder joint. When you have torn your rotator cuff and undergone surgery to repair the tear, it can take almost a year in some cases to fully return to your previous form. Sticking to a consistent rehabilitation plan over the course of the year will help e...

Calf Exercises Without Machines

The calf is often one of the most overlooked areas of the body to exercise. In addition to improving your leg strength and endurance, working out your calf muscles will add significant improvement to your appearance. You can do a lot of calf exercises with weights and machines, but here are several exercises you can do without any machines.

Exercise for Upper Back Pain

Very often, people complain of upper back discomfort. It is very easy to cure upper back pain with the right exercises. It is important to be consistent when doing upper back exercises and begin before the discomfort turns into intense pain. Regular exercise of the upper back can free it from discomfort for good.

Exercises for Pulled Muscles in Back

Exercises are a vital part of rehabilitation after pulling muscles in your back. At first, you will need to rest your back after a moderately pulled muscle. But after the pain has subsided and you are starting to feel less discomfort, it is important to put the work in to get your back healthy again. You don't have to overdo it in order to get your back in good shape.

Exercise for Mid Back Pain

Exercises are used to reduce the uncomfortable symptoms that middle-back pain causes. Repeating these exercises can help prevent your middle-back pain from reoccurring. Exercise can add strength to the muscles of the back and that helps prevent future straining.


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