Golf Swing Finish Position Tips

Updated January 20, 2022

Swing Basics

Hi, I’m Debbie Doniger and I am with the Jim McLean Golf School at the Doral Golf Resort and Spa in Miami, Florida. Today I am going to give you a tip for beginner golfers. When you are a beginner it is important to train your arms and hands first. Keeping your feet together, you can learn how to swing the clubhead through the golf swing, learn to square the clubface through impact and hopefully hit the center of the clubface.

Use Your Whole Body

Once you get really good at that you have to start to incorporate your body. With beginners, many times they do not know what their body is supposed to do or what a good finish looks like. Sometimes if you know where to go to in your finish your body will react in a positive way.


Swing Drill

Here is a really good drill for you to do.

  1. Set up to a tee in the ground and just take the club halfway back, just like you were going to hand the club to somebody behind you.
  2. A nice tip at this point is to try to maintain the same grip pressure as you started with at address.
  3. Then go ahead a clip the tee and make sure you get to a really nice finish position.

Make a Checklist

Here are a few checkpoints to look at when you do this drill by yourself:

  1. You want your right foot in the air, you should be able to tap your right toe on the ground
  2. 99 percent of your weight should be on your left foot
  3. When you get to a good finish your right shoulder is a little closer to the target than your left shoulder and you have maintained your spine angle through the golf swing
  4. Your eyes should be looking down the fairway and your belt buckle should be facing the target.

Put it All Together

So again, set up to a tee and take your club halfway back. Maintain your grip pressure, clip the tee out of the ground and get to a really nice finish. Hold your finish, make sure you are in balance and you will start to see some balls go straight down the fairway.