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22 Golf Training Aids to Lower Your Scores in 2024

No matter what area of your golf game you want to improve, there's a golf training designed to help you. You can spend just a few dollars to train a sound putting stroke, or spend hundreds to get a shock-like sensation delivered to your wrist the moment your swing breaks down. 

So, how do you know which training aids are gimmicks, and which are game-changers for your golf game? We're here to help. I spent a good chunk of time at the 2024 PGA Show, and a good amount of the last several years, testing, trying, and experimenting with all sorts of golf training aids, and I hand-selected these 22 training aids that I recommend to any golfer looking to improve.

Whether you're lookng to gain more club head speed and distance, built a more fundamentally sound golf swing, learn a better way to read greens, or anything in between, checking out this list of the best training aids of 2024 is your first step to better scores.

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