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MacGregor MT Milled Iron Review: Forgiveness in a Forged Iron

Finally. A beautiful set of fully-forged irons that are playable for everyone from low single-digit handicap players all the way to the upper-tier of the mid-handicappers. Oh by the way, they’re also ridiculously affordable. Meet the new MacGregor MT Milled irons.

These irons come off as a better players iron, a forged cavity back with a muscly bottom end and a small, attractive profile. And make no mistake, the are a great choice for strong ballstrikers. But that beefy sole actually provides more than enough forgiveness – wait until you see the mis-hit data I collected – to make these irons suitable for higher-handicap, less elite ball-strikers as well.

I’ve spent the last month putting the new MacGregor MT Milled irons under the microscope to give you this complete, honest review. Let’s check them out.

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