The Right Way to Start Your Downswing

Updated January 20, 2022

Without a doubt, the most asked question is, 'How do you start the downswing?' Well that question takes a lot for granted because golf is so much action and reaction. If you don’t have a good backswing you probably will not be able to start the downswing.

How to Start the Downswing in 4 Steps

I am going to give you some tips on how to start the downswing that might just help you.

  1. When you get the golf club back to the top of the swing the first move down is the transferring of your weight. It really should start from the ground up
  2. Your feet start to shift
  3. The weight shifts from your right heel to your left toe and as that happens your arms are lowering your club down on the plane
  4. Hips begin to turn and that is how you start the downswing

Difference Between Downswing and Backswing

It is a lowering of the hands and arms as you shift the weight forward and start to rotate your lower body. In the backswing your upper body turns and your lower body resists.

In the downswing it is quite the opposite. The lower body starts to move, your hands and arms start to drop, and the shoulders are staying back just a little bit to get the golf club down in front of you.

The Right Way to Start Your Downswing

Now how should you start your downswing? Well it depends on your ballflight. If you are someone who is hooking it too much you probably need to get the golf club out in front of you by rotating your arms down this way.

If you are someone who is slicing it too much you need to hold your shoulders back, let your hands and arms release the golf club to square it up.

So people that hook, club in front, then turn the body through. People that slice, feel your shoulders stay back, release with your hands and arms to get the clubface to square up. I know that if you start the downswing correctly you have a better chance of hitting a good shot.