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By Nick Heidelberger

Since 1995, GolfLink has been helping golfers like you get the most out of their game, on and off the course. Part of the LoveToKnow Media family of web properties, GolfLink offers tools and resources to help you level up every facet of your golf game.

Whether you’re searching for the best deal on a tee time near you, or planning a bucket-list golf getaway, GoflLink has what you’re looking for. We offer something for every golfer at every stage of the game, from curing your slice once and for all, to helping you break par for the first time.

Who We Are

Like you, we’re passionate about golf. Our goal is to provide all golfers with a one-stop destination for all of their golf needs. We’re constantly tuned in to the world of golf to keep you connected with how the latest trends, equipment, and technological breakthroughs impact your game.

Our Audience

GolfLink is a growing community of golfers, with 1 million monthly unique visitors and a millennial audience that has increased 118% in the last year.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be your one-stop-shop for all things golf. We’ll accomplish this by offering the tools and guidance necessary for every step of your golf journey, from the time you begin searching for where to play your next round, until it’s time to post your score, review the course, and dive into your stats, and all the tips and lessons in between.

GolfLink values an elevated user experience, high-quality content, and an engaged and positive golf community.

Meet The GolfLink Team

Along with our talented team of developers, designers, and data experts, GolfLink’s editorial team strives to arm golfers like you with engaging, entertaining, and informative content that will improve your game.

Howard Love - Founder and CEO, LoveToKnow (Website | LinkedIn | Wikipedia | Crunchbase)

Howard founded LoveToKnow Media in 2005 with the mission to make the world smarter. His debut bestselling book, The Start Up J Curve, has received accolades from MSNBC, Entrepreneur, Inc, Bloomberg, VentureBeat, and Worth.

Nick Heidelberger - Editor, GolfLink (LinkedIn | Twitter)

A golf enthusiast with sights set on the 70s, Nick Heidelberger is the Editor of GolfLink. He earned a degree in journalism from the University of Idaho, and has been writing about golf since 2016, Nick has contributed to GolfWRX.com and TheVersed.com, among other sites. Before joining GolfLink, he managed the communication efforts for the New England Section of the PGA of America.

Todd Mrowice - Staff Writer, GolfLink (LinkedIn)

Todd Mrowice is a Staff Writer for GolfLink. He has been writing about golf for over 10 years including a long tenure at GOLFChicago Magazine. Todd has covered all aspects of the game including travel, products, business, and professional tours.

Nick Frazier - Image Specialist, GolfLink (LinkedIn)

Nick joined GolfLink as an Image Specialist in July 2021. He graduated from Boston University and was previously a sportswriter for several publications, including the Chicago Tribune. He doesn't play enough golf to know what his handicap is, but he did once fist bump Ernie Els at a PGA tournament.

Our Editorial Guidelines

Golf is a game of honor and integrity, and here at GolfLink, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. We’re enthusiastic about providing you with relevant, entertaining, and timely content that will make you a better, and smarter, golfer. Our content covers everything from tips to fix common, and uncommon, mistakes; to equipment reviews that help you pinpoint what gear will actually help your game. Browse our library of articles to become an expert on rules, players, how-tos, and virtually anything else relating to the world of golf.

Accuracy and originality are our top editorial priorities. We fact-check every article we publish, and translate manufacturer tech-speak into terms you can relate to your own game. Our team of content creators are experts in the game of golf, and tap into their expertise to deliver unique and meaningful content to you.

If you ever feel we've made a bogey along the way by failing to meet these standards, please contact us to let us know.

Our Product Reviews

Our product reviews incorporate a combination of data and information provided directly from the manufacturer, performance data gathered from third parties, customer reviews, and in some cases, our editorial team’s personal experience. We aggregate this information to provide you with an independent and objective overview of a product’s potential impact on its target demographic.

If we ever stand to earn a commission, or if we receive the products mentioned in any article you read for free, we make sure to be transparent about that from the beginning. It’s the right thing to do.

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Have questions? Get in touch with GolfLink at customerservice@golflink.com.

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About the Author

Nick Heidelberger is the Editor of GolfLink and an active member of the Golf Writers Association of America (GWAA). He covers all things golf, from the professional tours to rules, equipment, style, and golf history. In the years prior to joining GolfLink, he worked for the New England Section of the PGA of America. Nick has a degree in journalism from the University of Idaho and has been an avid golfer for more than 10 years.