Golf Exercises

Golf Tips: Yoga Exercises for Back Pain

Trying to swing a golf club with a sore back invites pain, stiffness and high scores. Many individuals have turned to yoga to improve their game because it increases muscle strength and flexibility and gently conditions the body after injury. Yog...

Arm and Shoulder Dumbbell Exercises

Strong arms and shoulders can improve your golf swing. Do exercises three days a week to improve strength. Do two sets of 12 to 20 repetitions to improve strength without bulking up.

Maintaining Lower Back Strength and Flexibility

A number of golfers report playing with lower back pain at some point. The sources can vary from previous injuries to just not stretching before the regular Sunday round because you're in a rush. In order to prevent and help mitigate existing bac...

Physiotherapy Shoulder Exercises

Golfers need loose and strong shoulders to get the most out of their swing. Physiotherapy exercises for the shoulders can improve your swing and help you rehab a shoulder injury or combat the effects of a condition such as arthritis.

Why You Should Strengthen Your Shoulders for Golf

The shoulders are essential to a good golf swing. Strengthening the shoulders can be done simply with a handful of body weight exercises that can be done comfortably in your home or workplace.

Exercises for Lower Back & Knee Pain

People who say golf is not a tough sport to play are wrong. If you play regularly, or you don't use proper form, you can suffer lower back and knee pain. If you have severe or ongoing pain, consult a doctor. If your pain is fairly minor, you can ...

Pulled Muscle Symptoms

Given the body movements that are necessary to perform a golf swing, pulled muscles are a common ailment of golfers. Also called muscle strains, pulled muscles refer to stretched or torn muscles or tendons. Common locations are in the hamstrings ...

Best Lower Back Exercises

A healthy lower back is essential to good golf. With a bad lower back your swing will be off substantially. A strong back is also helpful in making the walks along the golf course pain-free. Several good exercises for the lower back can be done w...

Bottom Foot Arch Pain

Pain in the arch on the bottom of the foot is a common problem among golfers. It is known as "golfer's heel," or plantar fasciitis, and can be very painful, especially when you first get up in the morning and the foot has had a chance to stiffen up.

Pilates Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Hoisting your golf bag on your shoulder and swinging your driver can both cause a lot of strain on your lower back. It's not uncommon to feel some pain in this region after a long day on the course. If you have been diagnosed with back problems, ...

Sciatic Back Pain Exercises

A common golf ailment is pain in the lower back. One typical cause of this pain is sciatica, which is damage to the sciatic nerves that are located in the area of the lower spine. To help relieve the pain, you can perform some simple lower back e...

Lower Back Exercises & Stretches

Keeping the lower back limber and free of pain is a challenge for any golfer. A regimen of lower back stretching exercises can keep you in top playing form and help you avoid injury by loosening those muscles. These exercises can be done on an ex...

Golf Swing Posture Exercise

Golf is a game that has undergone many changes over the years. One of the biggest changes concerns conditioning. In the 1960s and '70's, players rarely seemed to pay any attention to conditioning and exercises and many players appeared overweight...

Shoulder Stabilizer Exercises

A golf swing places a great deal of strain on the shoulders. If the shoulder joint is unstable, this can result in a loss of swing power and ultimately lead to injury. By performing exercises that stabilize the shoulders, golfers can help prevent...

Aquatic Exercises for Low Back Pain

To help relieve the lower back pain often suffered by golfers, exercises to strengthen the back muscles are often effective. One method of performing lower back exercises is to do them under water. According to the Ohio State University Medical C...

Lower Back Strengthening Exercises

The lower back is one of the most important parts of the body when it comes to playing great golf. As Tiger Woods proved, it is also one of the areas of the body most susceptible to injury. Strengthening your lower back muscles may actually do mo...

Sciatic Nerve Stretching Exercise

Maybe you have vivid memories of a round of sciatica sending pain shooting down your right leg. Swinging a club is nearly impossible, as is performing even the most basic daily activities. The sciatic nerve travels from the lower spine down the l...

Exercises to Ease Lower Back Pain

Golfers frequently experience pain in their lower back, often as the result of the twisting motion of swinging a golf club, or from standing and walking for long periods of time. If you are suffering from lower back pain, the good news is that si...

What are the Causes of Backpain?

Back pain is such a common problem that almost 90 percent of all Americans have suffered it at some point in their lives. Back pain is a symptom of something else, and doctors sometimes have a hard time identifying the causes.

How to Build Muscles Quickly on the Arms

Arm muscles are important, if not vital, for a good golf game. There are certain muscles on the arms---such as the forearms, triceps and wrists---that are essential to work. If you're an avid, amateur or even professional golfer, here are some ar...

How to Work Out Legs Without Weights

As a golfer, your fitness regimen should include conditioning your legs. The legs generate power and maintain stability during the swing, and with strong legs, you'll have the stamina to walk the golf course. You can perform leg exercises without...

How to Get Stronger Legs Without Weights

In addition to having a strong upper body and proper swing technique, golfers need a strong lower body to have a powerful golf swing. While benefits can be derived from a weightlifting regimen, strength gains can be made by performing exercises w...

Arm & Elbow Injuries

Overuse of the arm and elbow in the golf swing can invite the pain of golfer's elbow or a pulled muscle in the arm. The golf swing requires a repetitive motion that can exacerbate the pain of golfer's elbow and promote small tears in the arm musc...

How to Build Muscle in the Arms

Strengthening arm muscles involves just a few basic exercises. And even though they're relatively simple, if you have not exercised in a while you should take it slowly. The muscle strength will build over time, giving you the extra power you are...

Forearm Strength Exercises

Forearm strength is crucial in golf. Without it, your swing would not carry the ball very far, and your grip on the club would be weak. Several exercises will increase your forearm strength and give your swing the power it needs to get the ball o...

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