How to Determine the Proper Head Weight for your Golf Putter

By Stan Sayers

Dialing in a Putter

Hi, today we are going to talk about distance control and putter fitting. Most of you are not used to putter fitting, where we can change each component of the putter, but today we can add or adjust weight. We have a little weight circle here that I can add to the putter and change how I can use distance control. One full revolution of the ball is the length of that George Washington in your pocket. Once that gets past the hole by one revolution you have shrunk the hole by twelve percent. Three revolutions you have shrunk the hole by 36 percent, so that is quite a bit.

Weight Changes Energy

The closer we can keep the ball around the hole the better we can be at making more putts and use more hole to make them. Today I am using a six foot distance from the quarter to this string over here and trying to be real consistent on my distance control. With this weight on the putter that is my standard weight. What I am going to do now is adjust that. I am going to take this off and go to no weight. As you can see immediately, with no weight automatically more energy is delivered into the ball. The putter speeds up and the ball goes much further past the string. Now I am going to add weight to slow it down. Again as you can see, the energy because the weight slowed the putter down, is not delivered as much into the ball so I can make a putt that stops a little short.

Practical Uses

The way I can use this is I go to slower greens and I want more energy into the ball so I take weight out of my putter. I go to faster greens I actually want to add weight so I can slow the putter down and not use as much energy, plus it helps control those nerves when it gets a little shaky. This is the one thing that we do in our putter fitting system, controlling weight, and controlling the balance of the putter. Then we can design you a putter where we have the weight ports in behind the face. You can add and take away as needed, if you need to release the toe a little more you pull a little weight out of the toe, the toe releases. Add different weights depending on the speed of the greens. In putter fitting this is how we control your distance.

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