Perfect Golf Alignment Every Time: Setup For Success

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Updated November 9, 2023
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Jon Rahm with proper alignment
    Jon Rahm perfect alignment highlighted
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What is alignment in golf? If you think proper alignment begins and ends with getting your feet parallel to your target, then you’re missing a vital chunk of what really goes into nailing your alignment. Here’s Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Jason Baile to explain.

Proper Golf Alignment Through Upper Body Tilts & Bends

As Baile highlights, alignment at address is a very misunderstood part of golf fundamentals. Too many players obsessively check their feet, knees and hips, without understanding that by setting the upper body first, the lower body can simply fall into place. 

With three tilts and bends in the upper body, you can set yourself up for perfect alignment.

  1. Flexion at address, bending over at the waist
  2. Slight spine tilt towards your trail foot
  3. Slight rib cage rotation that opens your lead side to your target fractionally

How to Execute the Proper Alignment Starting With Your Upper Body

Stepping into the ball with just your trail foot, implement the three elements of great upper body alignment, bending over into your posture, tilting your spine slightly towards your trail foot, and opening up at the ribcage. 

Once you’ve set your upper body, look at your target and let your feet fall into place naturally. 

Helpful Hack

Notice that throughout the lesson, Baile has alignment sticks down on the ground. It’s always a good idea to practice with alignment sticks whenever you’re working on your swing off the course. There are countless ways to use alignment sticks to improve your alignment, swing path, face angle, putting stroke, and pretty much any element of your game.

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Using alignment sticks to practice

How Golf Alignment Sticks Can Advance Your Skills

Alignment vs. Aim

Alignment and aim are two completely different aspects of your golf swing, but one significantly benefits from the other. By using the above video and step-by-step process, you'll get your full body aligned in the proper way to the golf ball. Once your practice and perfect your body alignment, your aim will improve and you'll hit your target more often.


Alignment: A Focus on Fundamentals

Proper golf alignment is often overlooked by amateur players. Give this part of your golf swing some attention and range time, and watch your greens-in-regulation improve. After all, no golfer has ever complained about hitting more targets and lowering their score.