Hank Haney: The Easiest Way to Fix a Golf Slice

Updated September 23, 2022
Golfer at the top of his backswing
    Golfer at the top of his backswing
    Michael Svoboda
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The #1 Mistake in Golf

The number one mistake in golf, without a doubt, slicing to the right. I would say that 90 percent of people who play golf slice to the right, the reason, their clubface is open at impact. That is the one and only cause of the slice.

Most golfers think they slice because they cut across the golf ball.

The only reason you slice is because the clubface is open at impact.

Clubface Position at Impact

Why is the clubface open at impact, because most players swing the club on too steep of a plane and their arms reverse rotate as they come through and that opens the clubface. That is the number one reason I see for slicing.

Steep swing coming down, clubface open as you come through. How do you correct it? Take some practice swings where you hold the club up off the ground. You will feel the rotation of your shoulders. You will feel the rotation of your arms. Most importantly you will feel the clubface closing as you come through.

It is that rotation of the clubface to square the face that will eliminate your slice. One other adjustment I want you to make, turn your hands just a little bit to the right on your grip so that you are in a little bit of a stronger position. That will help you to turn your hands over a little when you come through and to square the clubface. Take your practice swings up off the ground and then try to emulate that same swing when you hit the golf ball.