Learn About the Importance of Following Through in Your Golf Swing

By John Elliott

Backswing and the Follow Through

One of the things you spend a tremendous amount of time working on in golf is your backswing. We thought we would change this up for you a little bit and let you see what effect the forward swing has on what the ball is going to do. Basically there are three forward swings. There is the forward swing where the club travels to the right of the target line, forward swing where the club travels down the target line and then a forward swing where it immediately travels to the left. I want you to guess of those three which is the most common for right handed players? The answer is the one where the club travels directly inward through the ball.

Stop the Chicken Wing

That is why a lot of you have a chicken wing effect. Just remember the key word here is the word effect, that is not a problem, it is an effect of a problem. In building your golf swing one of the things that it is important to know is that you can swing down the line too long. After the club hits the ball and as your hips are rotating through the ball watch what that is doing to the handle. All I am doing is turning my hips and the right hand, arm and the club are responding. What that is showing me as the club goes through the ball and then it exits to the left. That is correct, because remember this is a circle.

Remember Your Circle

A circle does not have any lines in it, so when you try to go down the line what you are doing is turning the front part of your swing into a line where you keep extending towards the target with the clubhead and that will make the ball go to dead right field all day long. Also known as a push. When you are hitting a golf shot the intent is for the club to come in to the ball from inside the target line, it goes down the line right there and then it begins going back to the inside. That is what our circle looks like.

Push and Pull

For those of you that push it you are coming into the ball from the inside, you are sliding your hips and then because of that your hands, arms and club are swinging to the outside and you can see the clubhead as well on my right of that pole on the ground, that is a push. For those of you that hit a pull you are coming into the ball for outside the line, the club is already on the outside, through the ball it is traveling through the left, the arms pull in to the body, everything breaks down and you usually see the ugliest slice you have seen in your life. The message is we want the club to go through the ball, down the line, but then immediately it works its way back to the inside. Why? Because that is where your body is going. If you slide you push, if you turn correctly you will go down the line. We want that club going down the line. Why? More solid, more straight, more consistent, more fun and more lower scores. How good can it get.

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