The Two Extremes of Release

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The Two Extremes of Release
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Video Transcript

Video Golf Tip | The Two Extremes of Release
By Ed Ibarguen

We are here to talk golf terms and one of the ones that you hear a lot of release. What does release mean? You are playing with a lot of players and they say I am not releasing the club or I am over releasing it. let's try and look at it. remember we have talked a lot about grip and how the hands control the clubface. A lot of people are taught to believe that if I just use my hands taking the clubface and rotating it over with my forearm and wrists and hands that is release. I say that is one end of the spectrum, I am not using my body at all, I am just getting in here and using my hands. What is concerning me about that is that it is going to be hard at the speed you are swinging the club to do that consistently. That is why a lot of people often leave the clubface open or over rotate and end up pulling it and hooking it to the left. Let's look at the other end of release. What if I take this club and you take it and stick it straight into your body and you put your right hand in where now we have no arms, no hands, no wrists, no forearms, and I turn back and you can see that clubface moving that way, and now I turn again, and again this is no hands, that club is there and then watch how that clubface is now all the way back in here. Let me show you that from here. Here I am, I turn away, I turn back, see how the club is coming back to square and I turn through. That is a release as well. You see that a little bit more today on the PGA Tour because players see how much more square that clubface is staying to the target line, so even if you are choking your brains out there in the local tournament your clubface is going to tend to be straighter to your target and you are going to tend to hit straighter shots. In reality everybody is somewhere between the two. There is no Tour Player that does just absolutely the body turn. There is no Tour Player that is just doing the arm turn. Everybody is somewhere in the middle. What I want you to do is start thinking about it and say if I was down here and I had a ball how do I want my clubface moving into the back of the ball. If I bring it in very open just turning the body is not going to get it very square, I am going to have to use my hands, and we are going to talk about a little later some of the problems you might have with that, to be able to get that club released. So if you are going to be more of a big muscle rotating through this clubface needs to be in a more square position so that you can rotate it through this way. I hope I have been able to take you through the two spectrums of release, get you to try to figure out which one you are doing, which tendency you have and try to get you to come more to the middle.


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