Golf Chest, Torso and Arm Stretches

By Ed Ibarguen

Get Shoulders Loose Before Playing Golf

You see a lot of people that are running late to the tee and they want to get some stretches in. unfortunately they do some that are very ineffective. I have seen people put a club across the back of their neck and they are just basically turning their neck back and forth. We see that the club is moving more than the body is. This is not a very effective stretch. Here is something that would be much more effective.

  • Clasp your hands behind your back and get your shoulders to pull back.
  • This is kind of a chest stretch, you are pulling your hands down in the back as you can see here and getting those shoulders to come back.
  • That is a very, very good stretch for getting your chest and upper body loose.
  • Rather than to get in here with the club behind you and twist your neck around how about you just do a simple get your arms straight out and let's get some arm circles.
  • Just fly a little bit in both directions.
  • Widen it slowly, straight on out.

That will really get your shoulders loose. Give it a try.

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