Golf Club Selection for Long Bunker Shots

By Katherine Marren

Consider Clubs Other Than the Sand Wedge for Bunker Shots

Many people do not realize that you can use more than you sand wedge to hit great shots out of the bunker. I am faced with a long shot, almost 30 yards, and what I am going to do is use my 9-iron because that is my regular 90 yard shot and I want the ball to go just one third of that distance. This is a great tip for women who do not hit the ball that far with their lob wedge or their sand wedge for long bunker shots.

  • Now when I hit this shot with some of my other irons I am still going to blast it out of the bunker.
  • I am going to use my same greenside technique that I would use for my sand wedge with the ball in the middle of my stance, face open, and I am going to take some sand.

Using other clubs besides for your sand wedge will give you a little bit more distance on long bunker shots and is a real effective way to get the ball close to the hole.

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