Right Arm Only Drill for Advanced Golfers

By Jim McLean

Try the Right Arm Only Drill for a Natural Flowing Golf Swing

One of my favorite drills for the better player is the Right Arm Only Drill. It is a terrific way to feel how the right side works and how your right hand and right arm release through impact, and it is a very natural thing to do if you are right handed and a right handed player. It is your most coordinated side and it will feel very comfortable very quickly. You can also even hit balls with your right arm only. That works like this.

  • I will just put my right hand in my pocket, aim down range, do a little practice swing.
  • I am not going to hit this ball very hard, just a to get a little feel.
  • You can hit some wonderful little shots and then once you start hitting them you can stretch that out a little further. The Right Arm Only Drill gets you back into a natural flowing swing.
  • You are not putting the club in any particular positions, you are just swinging the golf club and when you do it with your right arm by itself you are not going to bunch up and get narrow.
  • You will naturally get some width on your backswing and you will also get some width on the way through.

So for gaining width in the swing and getting a true free release, the Right Arms Only Drill is terrific.

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