Keeping Golf Fun for Kids

Keeping Golf Fun for Kids

Here is another tip for all you parents who want your kids to become golfers. Kids are not perfect and as far as I am concerned they are all great. We just need to understand them. A kid has an attention span that only lasts seven or eight minutes. A kid mentally, they just want to have fun. When they go out to hit a ball, they could whiff a bunch of balls, they could hit a bunch of ground balls, they could hit one ball up in the air, and they are going to be perfectly happy with that. The point that I am trying to make is that you never want to go up and bug a kid. You don’t want to bug them with what they are doing. If I see a problem with a kid when they are swinging I am going to go work on it with them a little. For example, say they are not finishing their swing and getting up on their toe, I will stand up there with them and I will try to get them up on their toe a couple of times. But here is what you need to understand, they may not be ready to do that yet. And if I do that for too long I am just going to be bugging them and if I do it for too, too long they are going to throw the club down and want to go play soccer. I don’t want that to happen. So whenever I work with the kids, or you work with the kids, you want to keep it fun and positive for them. Now how important is that? There was a national survey done about four or five years ago, and basically the result of that survey said that 70 percent of kids leave sports by the time they are teenagers. Do you know what the number one reason was? It was not fun anymore. Understand your kids, keep it fun, keep it positive and let's make them all golfers.

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About the Instructor
Ty Andersen
Ty Andersen
Director, The Ty Andersen Golf Academy
Highland Oaks Golf Course
904 Royal Parkway
Dothan, Alabama 36305
Phone: 239-272-7086
E-mail: TyPgaPro(at)

Ty Andersen serves as Director of Instruction at The Ty Andersen Golf Academy, and has been named one of the Top 50 Kids Teachers by the US Kids Golf Company. He has developed seven different teaching programs that are registered with the PGA.


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