Hit Intentional Golf Draws and Fades

By Laird Small

Hit Intentional Draws and Fades

This segment is going to be all about ball control and this will be hitting a fade on purpose and a draw on purpose. Why is that so important? Because flag sticks are going to be either right or left on the green and you want to be able to access them. Here is a really slick way to do that where you are not changing the clubface, but you are using the same swing all the time. Let me be clear on the definition for you.

  • A draw is a shot that starts to the right of the target line and is going to draw to the flagstick, not across it.
  • A fade would start to the left and the ball would fade at the end of its ball flight towards the flagstick but not across it.

Easy Drill to Draw the Golf Ball

That is what we are looking for from a ball control standpoint and here is how we are going to do that. I have a few things here represented on the ground. This club in front of me represents my target line. The hula hoop that I am standing inside of represents the arc of the swing as I am looking down. What I am going to do here for an intentional draw of the golf ball. This golf ball in front of me represents my normal neutral ball position. I am going to move the ball back into the arc. What that is going to do is close my shoulders and it is going to make my club come from the inside just a little bit more. As I am doing that it is going to push the ball out to the right with a little bit of a draw. That is the easy way to do that, I have not changed my hands, it is the same golf swing. I just moved the ball back in the arc to hit a draw.

How to Hit a Fade Shot

To hit a fade it would be just the opposite. From a neutral ball position I am going to move the ball forward in the arc. By moving it forward my shoulders are going to be a little open. As I make my swing the club comes inside to along the line and back to inside again putting that slight cut spin on the ball.

Gain Ball Control

How much movement am I putting on the golf ball? I am moving it actually about one golf ball back for a draw and one golf ball forward for a fade. You may need to experiment with how much you have to move it to actually get the desired results, but this technique here is critical if you are looking to become a shotmaker. In other words you are creating the shot to fit the situation at hand. I know this will be a lot of fun in the pursuit of learning this skill. You will have a great time with it and when you execute on the golf course you are going to feel so good because you are now gaining total ball control.

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