How Equipment Technology Can Improve Your Golf Game

By Laird Small

Technology is Changing the Game of Golf

The game of golf has been around for a long time. Pebble Beach opened in 1919 and the game really hasn't changed a whole lot. What has changed is the technology in the game.

How the Driver Has Evolved Over Time

I want you to take a look at this club, what we used to play golf with, it was one of the more popular drivers of its time. Now here is one of the more people drivers of our time. Can you see the difference in just the mass of the clubhead? Wow, not to mention the material is different. Look at the hitting surface, look how much bigger it is. Almost kind of hard to miss it. What is also different, take a look at the length of the golf club, it has changed considerable. The new one is a couple of inches longer and basically one inch is three miles an hour, so you are going to hit the ball farther just by the actual length of the golf club. What is also different is that the golf club is lighter, so with just that technology, just in the sheer construction of this golf club you are going to hit it significantly farther without doing anything.

Golf Ball Technology Produces Higher Shot with Less Spin

Here is the next part that has changed, the golf ball, it is what is called a low spin high launch golf ball. So that put together with the new the club technology makes the ball go higher with less spin. Because it has less spin the ball has a longer glide path and when it is coming down it is coming down with such a trajectory that it is going to hit and run and tumble forward so you are going to get a lot more distance from that.

Even the Golf Tee Has Changed

The other thing that they have worked towards figuring out is how do we tee the ball up now. We used to have these shorter tees here and now we go to much longer tees so we can get the ball launched up. We even have tees that have a brush to them to reduce the forces of drag as the club comes through. They say you get a mile an hour more from that.

Increased Distance, But Keep it in Play

All that stuff is in pursuit of distance. Guess what we have done on distance, yeah you can hit it farther, but you have to hit it in play. We have two trees out there in the fairway and we have pushed them back a little farther so it really forces your tee shot to be left of those trees. There is not a lot of room between those trees and the ocean, so if you are going to hit your driver and use that technology you better put it in the right spot. If you decide to bail out a little bit to the right there is a nice fairway bunker there that will catch your shot and challenge your ability to hit a nice fairway shot out of the bunker and laying it up the right distance. So technology really has changed the way the golf ball flies. But it is still up to you the player to deliver the club into the ball in such a way that it is going to put the ball into the target area.

Use Technology to Better Your Golf Game

Yeah, use technology, get fit for the technology from a club fitting stand point so that you have stuff that is optimal for you. Then work on your motion and your game to be able to deliver this ball into the target area. Go have fun.

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