Practice Your Putting Tempo Using a Metronome

By Laird Small

Find a Rhythm While Putting

One of the greatest skill sets that you can possess is consistent repeatable putting, and that comes from the beat of the putting stroke being the same over and over again. It is going to help you to read greens and control your distance. You know most of your three putts come from your first putt not being the right distance, and that is all because the putter is coming in at a different rate of speed all the time.

Use a Metronome for Putting Distance Control

Give this a try and I know it will help you a bunch. What we are going to use is an electronic metronome. I have the metronome set at 70 six beats per minute, that happens to be the average of all the tour players’ stokes. I am going to set it off here and you can hear the tic, back and through, one, two. One, two, back, hit, back hit. We get in trouble when we do not stay within the boundaries of the metronome.

  • If you are going to hit a longer putt the stroke will go back a little bit longer, however, it will stay within the boundary of the beat.
  • If it is going to be a shorter putt then the putter will move in a shorter cycle but it will stay within the boundary of the beat. So you will have total distance control by learning how to do this skill.

Keep Your Putting Swing Within the Beat of the Metronome

Let me show you what it looks like with some putts. Here is what it would look like. One, two, one two, back, hit, back hit. You get in trouble when your swing out races the metronome. Let's take a look at one where I do not stay within the boundaries. It did not have much of a chance. Or if I go a little bit off time you can see that there was a significant difference in the way the putts were coming into the ball. Give this a try. I know that your putts will start to settle more closely to the hole, you will be able to read greens better and you will make more putts. You have to make your stroke beat repeatable.

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