Swoosh Drill to Increase Driver Distance

By Chuck Cook

Golf is a Sport, Not a Game

One of the reasons that you might not hit the ball far enough is that quite simply you do not swing hard enough. I have a lot of students and friends that have beautiful, graceful looking swings and just pitty-pat the ball down the fairway. It is best to think of golf as a sport and not as a game. This way you will want to accelerate the club and maybe give up some of the control in order to generate a little more clubhead speed. A real good drill to learn how to do this is called the “Swoosh Drill.”

The Swish Drill

  1. What I would like you to do is use one of your woods, hold it upside down.
  2. Take your normal grip, hold it about a foot off the ground and practice swinging the club to see if you can get the club to make a loud “swoosh” sound.
  3. After you make your first swing try to make each swing thereafter “swoosh” a little louder.
  4. Next, listen to where the sound begins. If you can hear the swoosh start somewhere to your right side then you know that you are using your speed much too early. What you want to do is have the loudest part of the swoosh occur in the area from the ball to about a foot past it.

By practicing this Swoosh Drill you will automatically increase your clubhead speed; therefore, making the ball go farther.

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