The Correct Golf Stroke to Control Your Wedges

By Laird Small

I have around a 100 yard shot here and this is a shot where it can really make or break your round. It's not necessarily a 100 yard shot, for you it may be an 80 yard shot. What we want to do is to work towards calibrating that so that you know what to do over and over again when you are faced with that shot. Creating basically a string of certainties.

How to Improve Your Wedge Play

Here is what the best players in the world do. What they work on doing is reducing their speed producers. The speed producers are their wrists and how much they hinge, so when they swing back you will see a lot of shots where they are not hinging their wrists and it is really much more of an arm swing with their body moving to support that.

Control Your Wrist Action

You get in to trouble with these shots when you get so much wrists action that you produce too much speed at the bottom and by doing that we have a hard time controlling and predicting or repeating our shots. Your setup here is going to be ball pretty much in the middle of your stance, a little bit of weight on the left side, and as I swing the club back I want to feel like my arms are going to go to 10 o'clock and then two o'clock. With my wedge that hits the ball 100 yards.

For you it may be a little bit different, but no matter what it is that number will be repeatable. For you then to gain more consistency or predictability in other areas, try looking at your sand wedge with that same type of swing and see how far it goes and then maybe use your 9-iron and see what that does.

Create Shots With a Predictable Outcome

So you are starting to create shots that have a predictable outcome before you hit your golf ball. That is really what the game is about, creating a predictable outcome before you hit your golf ball. Then if you want to experiment more with it perhaps you can go from nine o'clock to three o'clock, and that will give you a whole different range of shots.

But let's start with one and from there you can grow with it as you like. Let's take a look at this shot here. Ball is going to be right in the middle of my stance. Weight is going to be on my forward leg. 10 to two. That ball came out pretty nice. I have a nice shot at a birdie. I know if you do this you will really start to lower your scores.

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