Warmups and Stretches

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Warmups and Stretches
Category: Warm Up
Sub-Category: Arms, Fitness, Stretching

Video Transcript

Video Golf Tip | Warmups and Stretches

Many times you do not get the chance to go to the driving range to warm up before you play, so I want to give you a few stretches before you do. You can also use these stretches before you go to the driving range to warm up. One of the things that I see people do that absolutely hurts them is that they introduce a rotationary motion into their swing before they have actually warmed up. It is really critical to elongate your muscles first before you introduce rotation; otherwise you are going to get hurt. So in doing the stretches we want to start with the smaller muscles groups first, so we are going to start with the hands and arms by placing some tension in your hands, keeping the tension in there and not compressing your fingers, just scrunch them inwards keeping the tension in there. This works on the tendons above and below your forearms. Next carry your arms out to your sides, shoulder height, and do some arm circles forward, this helps to work on your shoulders and by doing this if you can keep your shoulder blades pressed together that adds some scapular retraction which is really very important in the golf swing. Palms up and do it the other way, now you are working your way down your back. Then put your arms out and your knuckles on your temples and bring your elbows together. This helps your shoulder blades to open and close, which is critical for you to be able to swing and turn in your golf swing. We then want to work on your lower body a little bit to get your hamstrings looser. If you can put your right foot out in front of your left foot, lift your toe up off the ground and bend from your hip joint towards your toe that works in stretching out your hamstring. To be able to then continue to work on your shoulder blades, interlace your fingers together; put them right up above your head, nice and tall and straight. Now do the same thing, interlace them behind you, and bend over while trying to get your arms up as high as you can. This type of stretching only takes a few minutes to do but it helps to really loosen you up. Then you can work on introducing rotational forces. The best way to do that is to get two golf clubs. It is really important here to do this the opposite of what you think you want to do. Actually start going the other way, so that when you are making your swing, make a more powerful motion the opposite way that you would normally swing. What that does, as you are swinging here, the force and motion of the club helps to open up your shoulders an your hips in a way that you are trying to work on your backswing, so it helps you increase your range of motion on your backswing. Two clubs, swing them 20 five times each way, it will actually make a huge difference for you in your game. Now you are ready to go. Oh yeah, you can make your bets now too and you will win because you are loosened up. Here we go, ball goes right in play. Let’s go play.

About the Instructor
Laird Small
Laird Small
Pebble Beach Golf Academy
1700 17-Mile Drive
Pebble Beach, CA 93953
Tel: 831-622-8650

Laird Small is Director of The Pebble Beach Golf Academy and is listed as one of Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers and Golf Digest's #23 instructor in the world.


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