Golf Training Tools: How to Use the Speed Stick to Increase Flexibility and Hit Longer Shots

Golf Training Tools: How to Use the Speed Stick to Increase Flexibility and Hit Longer Shots

In another segment we talked to you about the importance of strength in being able to generate clubhead speed so that you can swing your arms faster and hit the ball farther. Well, strength is important, but flexibility is also important. It is hard to generate a lot of speed, I don't care how strong you are, if you can only go back to here and over to here. You need to be able to wind up and unwind a bit.

Warm Up to Improve Flexibility

One of the things I do when I try to help people stretch a little bit is to show them some exercises. One we do just to get a little warm up is we put the club behind our neck, this is kind of fun down here in Florida because when I tell them to put the club behind their neck like this, and as you know we have quite a few senior citizens here and they get the club about to the top of their heads and they try to limbo under it, not quite getting underneath it. Well, get it back to here, get it behind your back and do a little stretching.

Tool for Improving Flexibility in Golf

I want to show you how this particular tool is good for stretching your whole body, your arms and shoulders particularly, and the rest of your trunk. It is called a Speed Stik, it is available at my company which is Golf Around The World and it was created by Juan Alezandro in Omaha, Nebraska, a good friend of mine and a wonderful golfer.

Stretch like VJ Singh

He has had VJ Singh swinging this and VJ has done pretty well in the golf world these days because this particular device gives him the feeling of stretching him back, stretching him through, plus it is a little heavier so you get speed because of the weight. But I like it because it helps stretch me so that I can get back and through. Consequently, that is what we are looking for when we make this king of swing to the drive. The drive looks like this when you can wind and unwind it. This is 280 yards of carry right here. Ready. Wind it up and unwind it and let her go. Flexibility, pretty darn important for producing distance.

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