How to Fix a Golf Slice With a Driver in 3 Steps

By Gary Wiren

slice and straight shot arcs

Fixing your slice may seem like an uphill battle, but there are actually three simple steps that you can take to ensure you rid yourself of the distance-robbing, penalty-prone, flight pattern with your driver. Follow along with this instructional article to help you hit the ball longer, straighter, and fix your slice.

Fixing Your Slice

There are a number of tips and tricks that you can follow to help gradually reduce your slice. They typically take patience and a lot of practice before you have the confidence to say that you're cured. However, this Triple Whammy Drill, which includes three slice-fixing steps, will pay almost immediate dividends.

Driver and Iron Slice

While slicing the ball might only plague one aspect of your game, the errors in your swing are actually the same no matter what club you're swinging. The Triple Whammy Drill is applicable to irons, hybrids, fairways woods, and drivers.

Triple Whammy Drill

Take these three steps to fix your slice quickly.

Close Your Stance Aggressively

closed stance for slices

The first step to fixing your slice is to close your stance, which will make an instant improvement in your swing path. For right-handed players, this means dropping your right foot back to the point where your right toe lines up with your left heel. For left-handed players, drop your left foot back. Yes, changing your stance this much is aggressive, but practicing with an exaggerated fix helps you feel the correct motions, and you can always incrementally reduce the severity of this adjustment to find the sweet spot for you.

This stance adjustment forces your swing path to come from the inside instead of coming across the golf ball.

Tuck Your Lead Arm

Tuck in your lead arm and hold it against your side from takeback all the way to finish. This helps your hands and arms to release naturally which allows the club face to square up at impact.

Fix Your Grip

If your grip is too weak, you need to strengthen it. For right-handed players, this means your hands are too far to the left, so bring them over the grip to your right. For left-handed players, your hands would be too far over to the right. A weak grip makes it easy to hold the club face open through impact, causing a slice. Switching to a stronger grip enables you to square the face at impact and straighten out your ball flight.


This Triple Whammy Drill is a bit extreme, but desperate times call for desperate measures. If you're the victim of a nasty slice, these three steps when combined will work for you. As your ball flight begins to straighten out and your body learns how it feels to deliver the club properly, you can gradually reduce the severity of these adjustments.

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