Triple Whammy Drill to Fix Your Slice

Triple Whammy Drill to Fix Your Slice

Several years ago when I was the PGA Direction of Education we were doing a big seminar up in Tennessee, Wall Creek Falls State Park, a beautiful place. One of those sessions was on the absolute cure for the slice, and this was one of the sessions that I conducted. Unfortunately it was raining out and we could not go outside so we got very creative.

How to Fix Your Slice Off the Golf Course

We had a big series of balconies on the motels where the students were staying, four stories high, and we put them up there like an Elizabethan theater. I went outside with a rain suit on and stuff where we could hit out into the lake and we conducted the seminar in that fashion. I asked for a volunteer from anybody in the audience that was not one of the professionals and we had a man standing by listening to us. I said does anyone have a terrible slice?

This guy raised his hands and I told him to come out here and grab his driver from his car. So he comes out and we watch him warm up and then told him to go ahead and hit a shot. He gets up there and he has the worst slice you can imagine. I said in 90 seconds we are going to cure your slice. Have you ever hit a hook? He responded that no, he never does. So we gave him the Triple Whammy, and it goes something like this.

Triple Whammy Drill

  • We started with a 6-iron at first to give him the right feeling and said, first of all you have a terrible path, so let's close your stance aggressively, I mean a lot, overdo it, so that the left foot is way ahead of the right. What does that do? It makes his shoulder line go more to the right so that the swing will come from the inside, spinning the ball right to left instead of left to right with an outside in swing path.
  • The second thing we did was we had him take his swing and hold his left arm against his left side and allow the club to release.
  • The third thing we did was we checked his grip which was very bad to start with and we put it in a good strong position which would help him close his face.

So, the Triple Whammy. He made some practice swings with the changes we had him make. We had him swing and release, swing and release. Then I gave him a three wood, it's a little bit easier than a drive, and told him to go ahead and show us what he could do. It was one of the greatest scenes I have ever been involved with in my whole career.

He got up there, he got that feeling in that swing, he got up to the ball and he came from the inside, released, got the grip correct so that the face was square to the target line, and it put the most beautiful little draw on the ball before it went out and splashed in the lake. The whole audience went crazy. That was one of the highlights of my career. The Triple Whammy on how to cure your slice. It can do it for you as well.

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Dr. Gary Wiren was the PGA Teacher of the Year in 1987 and is also author of the PGA Teaching Manual. He is listed as one of Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers and Golf Digest's #12 instructor in the world.


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