How to Improve Your Aim (and Hit More Accurate Golf Shots)

By David Glenz

Improve Your Aim in 3 Steps

When we take players on the golf course what we find is that the single worst thing that students do is aim. What I want to do is give you a procedure to get you aimed properly the first time, every time.

  1. As you start from behind the ball and walk into the ball, I want your eyes to draw the target line from the target back to the ball.
  2. As I look at the target I can still see the ball in my peripheral vision. I then draw the line from the target back to the ball and I can use an intermediate target to help me.
  3. I then aim my clubface down the intended line, keep my eyes on the target, set my feet and now I should be ready to make my swing.

So follow this procedure, aiming with your eyes, and you are going to hit more shots on line.

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