How to Fix Your Slice by Improving Clubhead Impact at Address

By David Glenz

I know there are a lot of you out there that need to cure that slice, well it’s really easier than you think.

Why You are Slicing te Ball

First of all you want to find out if there are any other issues that are in the way. Many people try to pull down or pull the club through with their left arm or left side, you should take a look at what the clubface would look like in this position and where the ball would go. Off to the right.

I find a lot of students who think they are supposed to pull through with the left side and then the clubface gets in to an open position. That is really the reason that the club face is open – the left side is pulling too hard and leaving the hands back in the swing.

How to Cure Your Slice

What I want to suggest as a cure, and I want you to understand that the cure for this is not swinging from inside to out, is that you get a sense and feeling that the clubhead is traveling in a more direct line in front of the body.

  • The biggest issue here is the direction that the clubface or clubhead is aimed while in motion and we have an excellent drill to stop slicing and start drawing.
  • To get the ball to draw you need the clubface to rotate through the hitting area and your right hand is going to control that action.

When you are practicing start out with just some little chip shots doing that and watch the speed in your swing to make sure it is not too fast and too much in your arms. You need to get a feel for the hands in front of the body and the hands putting a little bit of rotation in the golf club.

As you move through the ball and the club is rotating you will see the right hand over the left hand at the point just past impact and that will produce a little bit of a draw on your shot.

Drill: Stop Slicing the Ball

So again, match your hands with the clubface, make sure that your stomach and hands are moving together, and just put a little rotation in the clubhead. Practice half shots at half speed until you are hitting a little soft draw.

Now if you are trying to hit the ball to hard and your arms go forward without your hands doing anything the clubface is always left open. You need to get a sense of the squaring action of the hands, especially the right hand; they must not lag behind the arms and let the clubface open up.

So do some of these drills, get a sense of what that clubhead is doing in motion and how it is traveling in time with your body and your slice will go away on your first practice session, guaranteed. Half swings, half speed, get a little rotation in the hands and you will start hitting those draws.

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