Golf Drill: Where to Hit the Ball for the Perfect Golf Shot

By Tim Cusick

Contact the Golf Ball and Ground at the Same Time

In a previous video lesson I talked about the proper impact and what I said was that you want to make contact with the ball and the ground right at the same time. You want to minimize hitting the big ball before the little ball and if you make a mistake you want to hit the ball first and then the ground.

  • A great drill for this is to put a line in the grass and make practice swings.
  • Your goal is to try to get the divot to start right at that line. On that practice swing my divot started right at the line and moved forward. That would have been good contact. Obviously that one started way behind the line.
  • I hit the big ball before I hit the little ball.

So if you want crisp, solid iron shots practice making contact with that line and have your divot moving forward. That will ensure great contact with your irons.

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