How to Select the Proper Loft Angle for Your Driver

By Tim Cusick

What Loft Should I Have on my Driver?

In a previous video clip I gave you some information about selecting your iron configuration based on your clubhead speed. I am going to do the same thing for you for your driver.

If Your Clubhead Speed is Less Than 80 MPH

If your clubhead speed is less than 80 miles and hour you want to have the loft of the driver at eleven degrees plus. The reason is that your clubhead speed does not support a straighter face driver.

Clubhead Speed of 80 to 90 MPH

If you are somewhere in the 80 to 90 miles an hour you are going to be ok with a driver that is somewhere in the 10 to 10 point five degree loft.

Clubhead Speed of 90 to 100 MPH

If you are 90 to 100 you can be at the nine or nine point five level.

Clubhead Speed of 100+ MPH

If you have 100 miles an hour plus clubhead speed you can be in the eight to eight point five degree loft on your driver. The reason for all this is that as you have a straighter face club you need more clubhead speed to launch the ball in the air. The other thing that is does is that as you get a straighter faced club you are buying more slice and hook as well. If you have an eight degree driver you essentially have more opportunity to slice and hook the golf ball.

Lesser Clubhead Speeds Need Not Worry About Increasing Loft

So those of you that have lesser clubhead speeds don't worry about buying a driver that has more loft. You are going to hit the ball straighter and you are going to have a better chance to carry it farther with the correct amount of loft on your driver. The best opportunity that you can have is to go see a golf professional and have them take you through a launch monitor fitting. If you can't, follow my guidelines and you are going to be a better driver of the golf ball.

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