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Learning the best chipping techniques will help make you a true all-around golfer. Browse our list of golf chipping instructional tips and videos, below.

Learn This Baseball Drill for Better Chipping Distance
Golf Tip Video by Steven Bann

Learn to control the distance in the air that you hit your chip shots...

Basic Chipping Tips to Improve Your Golf Score
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

Distance control in chipping requires a very simple swing to get repeated perfect contact with the clubface, this can be done...

Two Chipping Techniques for Hitting Greenside Shots
Golf Tip Video by Ed Ibarguen

When just off the green you can either putt through the fringe or chip using one of these two chipping techniques, don't just...

Why You Should Chip Like You Putt
Golf Tip Video by Steven Bann

Use a simple putting stroke to make chipping easier...

2 Easy Fixes for Fat and Thin Golf Shots
Golf Tip Video by David Glenz

Practicing punch shots and chip shots will help you perfect your contact and enable you to eliminate your fat and thin shots...

How Different Golf Clubs Affect Chipping Trajectory and Roll
Golf Tip Video by Sandy LaBauve

Analyze the green slope and speed in order to determine what trajectory and club is appropriate for the shot, then always use...

Golf Tips for Chipping on a Downhill Lie
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

When chipping off a downhill lie, the most important tip is to level your shoulders to the slope of the ground so that your c...

A Chipping Drill that Will Lower Your Score
Golf Tip Video by Mike McGetrick

Lower your scores by adding a little pressure to your pitching practice with this Five Ball Chipping Drill...

When to Choose Chipping Over Pitching In Golf
Golf Tip Video by Shannon Hamel

Accustom your mind to always think chip before pitch if your lie allows you to keep the ball low...

3 Shots to Play from Greenside Rough
Golf Tip Video by Denis Pugh -

You need to be creative around the greens, try one of these three specialty shots when you are stuck in ugly rough around the...

Golf Technique Tips for Pitching and Chipping
Golf Tip Video by Jimmy Ballard

Pitching and chipping is just a smaller version of the full swing. Maintain your triangle you create a set up and allow for s...

The #1 Difference Between Chipping and Pitching
Golf Tip Video by Gary Wiren

Chipping is done with 1 lever while pitching adds a second lever...

Learn the Correct Chipping Motion
Golf Tip Video by David Glenz

Hinge your wrists and turn your body with the club...

How Three Golf Ball Positions Affect Your Shot
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

Regardless of trajectory, always use the same stance, setup and grip; just change your ball trajectory and swing length...

How to Hole More Golf Chip Shots
Golf Tip Video by Mike McGetrick

Practice trying to hole out chip shots on the practice green, this will not only greatly improve your chipping but allow you ...


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