Short Game Tips: How to Develop Mental Discipline While Putting

By Denis Pugh

Sometimes I think putting must be a black art because some days your brain is so fried with thoughts you just cannot concentrate. There is too much detail in there of what to do during the stroke. Well I cannot show you a way to forget everything and hole putts, but I can show you a way to get all the discipline done before you make the stroke yourself.

How to do the Aim, Look and Go Putting System (6 Steps)

Let's look at what you have to do.

  • Well, you have to aim the putterface correctly and alongside that you have to get your eyes, the eye line, parallel to the target line.
  • Once you have those two pretty important parts together you can aim your grip, gets your arms parallel to the target also.
  • From there make your forearms parallel to the target, get the forearms aimed properly.
  • One other tip, get the plane aimed. In other words, get the forearms in line with the shaft. Do not get out of plane at address.
  • Aim the plane.
  • Once you have done that it is a question of looking one more time at your target, back to the ball and go.

You know when you putt that way you feel like you are clear-minded. You have done all your discipline before you make your stroke. Of course it does not work every time, but it gives you a chance to make some putts without frying your brains on the putting green. Give it a go, it might help you.

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