An Easy Hamstring Exercise to Give You More Power in Your Golf Swing

An Easy Hamstring Exercise to Give You More Power in Your Golf Swing

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We are going to move on to the third exercise in this sequence. It is very important that you do the first two in order so that you can get maximum efficiency of the exercises. We have used the bottom of the foot and got rid of the tightness through the calves and now we are going to concentrate on the hamstrings to get the lower abdominals and the gluteal muscles to fire together. We are using the posture bar, it’s a bar that we use with a lot of tour players and amateur golfers as well.

How to Use the Posture Bar for More Power in Your Golf Swing

This is a simple piece of equipment, we have the rubber bar over the foot and you will see that Denis has a pistol grip, where he is taking his finger and thumb off the bar and he is squeezing with the other three fingers so that he is not putting pressure through the front of the body. He is actually feeling that through his triceps and through the back of his shoulder. The feet are also plumb-lined, and what we are going to get him to do is to lift his left foot off the ground and move from six o’clock to seven o’clock.

Focus on Opposing Force

We should not be concentrating too much on the leg he has lifted, he should be concentrating on the gluteal on the opposite side. So if you imagine, he is actually in the set up position of his golf swing and he is transferring his weight through to his left side if he is a right handed golfer and vice-versa in a left handed golfer. He is going to control the movement through his right hip or otherwise he is going to slide, so he is actually working his gluteal muscle on his right side while he is using the lever of his left leg.

Hamstring Strength Improves Swing Power

Denis, can feel that through his buttocks and lower abdominals. Now he has these muscles firing while he is putting the leg muscles on stretching. We will do the same on both sides and once again this is a feedback exercise, he might feel stronger on the right as compared to the left. We will now get Denis to stand up and see how it feels at his address position. Tell me how it feels at address? I actually feel softer in the hamstrings and the calves. More aware of my gluteals being switched on, and I feel more balanced at address, relaxed with athletic tone through the muscles. I think you can also see when you look at the visual of where Denis started with the swing problem, it now looks more athletic and relaxed. He’s ready to go rather than hyper-extended and straight.

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Ramsay McMaster is Director of the Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic and serves as a fitness consultant to PGA Tour Pros around the world. He is also the author of Get Fit for Golf and Training for Golf.


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