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Charles Barkley swings on the driving range

Charles Barkley’s Golf Swing Over the Years

Charles Barkley is arguably one of the greatest NBA players of all time but it’s his golf game – more specifically his golf swing – that has generated a buzz since he retired from basketball in 2000.

How to Hit a Golf Ball on a Bad Lie

What could be worse than hitting a perfect drive and you find that it has landed in a divot? Or maybe you have hit your tee shot into the rough, and you have found your ball sitting right in front of a big tuft of grass. Bad lies are part of the game, and you must learn how to deal with them. Here are a few ideas that may keep you from recording those dreadful crooked figures o...

Golf Tips to Swing Hard

Under most circumstances, golfers are urged to swing the club with some restraint. Hitting a ball for distance and keeping it straight is more about mechanics than it is about velocity. However, there are some circumstances when the golfer can unbutton his top button and let it rip as hard as possible.

How to Eliminate a Golf Slice

A persistent golf slice occurs when the ball curves to the right after impact if you are right-handed, and goes left if you are left-handed. When you slice the ball it shows that you are not following the correct swing path. The cause includes a poor grip, an uneven stance and a sloppy golf swing.In order for the golf ball to fly straight, your club head must approach the ball ...

Tips to Eliminate Slicing in Golf

Imagine this: Nearly 9 out of 10 amateur golfers have an uncontrollable slice. An outside-in golf swing is usually the culprit, and it is caused most often by an unbalanced swing or a poor grip, although there are other factors. Also, it seems the more you try to control it, the more it controls you. In an attempt to rescue you from the bane of a golfer's existence, here are a ...

How Do You Keep Score in Golf?

Keeping score in golf is relatively simple, but it requires diligence, honesty and a good memory. In most sports, the higher the number in the final score, the better the athlete has performed. In golf, it is just the opposite.

How to Improve a Golf Short Game

Golfers quickly learn that the key to scoring well is doing a good job in the short game. Golfers can learn how to drive the ball and hit their long clubs in relatively short order. However, the short game is always evolving and golfers can improve this area of play throughout their career. The short game involves the nine-iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge and the putter. Some p...

How to Play Stroke Play

Golf is a great game for those who want to spend several hours outdoors taking in the sunshine, green grass and outstanding weather conditions. However, golf also brings out the competitor in many athletes. There are many different ways to compete, including the most common format in the United States, stroke play.

Cures for Slicing the Golf Ball

Golf is supposed to be a fun and relaxing game enjoyed by players who exhibit exemplary sportsmanship on the course as well as strong decorum. However, that idea is often put to rest when listening to a golfer who has just sliced a shot from the tee into the water hazard or trees on the right. The slice is one of the most common golfing errors, particularly among high-handicapp...

How to Hit From the Sand

Drilling a golf ball into a bunker would normally strike terror into the hearts of many amateur golfers. Oddly enough, the bunker shot is one of the most forgiving strokes in golf. By learning a few simple steps on how to hit from the sand, you can successfully escape from a bunker with confidence. These rules are appropriate for standard green-side bunkers rather than fairway ...

The Dance of Golf

Footwork, believe it or not, is important in the golf swing. Sure, you are hitting the ball with the club, the arms and the hands. But the power and timing is controlled by the lower body, and that means the feet. Thinking about the swing from the ground up is a great way to improve all aspects of one's golf swing.

How to Use Lob Wedge

The lob wedge is used when you need to hit a ball high or have it stop quickly on the green. The normal loft of the club is typically between 58 and 64 degrees. Depending on the amount of bounce that your lob wedge has, it can be used from varying locations on the course. If the club has a high bounce (think the look of your traditional sand wedge) it can be used in the rough o...

The Proper Way to Hit a Golf Ball

Of the millions of people who play golf, there are fewer than 500 of them who make a decent living playing the game professionally. The chances of our becoming touring professionals are not very high, so most of us will play the game for enjoyment, and that starts with learning the proper way to hit a golf ball. The game of golf is said to be 80 percent mental and only 20 perce...

How To Do A Stack And Tilt Golf Swing

It seems like every time you turn to golf on television, you hear about the so-called Stack and Tilt golf swing. It became more of a rage when professional golfers like Mike Weir, Zack Johnson and Aaron Baddeley started to use this swing because it not only improved their accuracy but it caused them to hit the golf ball even farther. The Stack and Tilt golf swing was developed...

5 Things You Need To Know About Putting In Golf

Putting is the most important aspect of golf. There are many different ways to putt, and all are successful for different golfers. It is important to find what is comfortable for a certain golfer and to stick with it. Becoming a good putter takes practice. But there are a handful of areas any golfer must understand and practice to become a more successful putter. These areas ar...

Best Pre-Round Putting Drills

If you have played any significant amount of golf you understand fully the old adage, "drive for show, putt for dough." Yet, as important as the flat-stick is, even the most avid of golfers often hit the first tee without taking so much as a single practice putt. No doubt, a good set of stretches and few practice swings are a must to get loose. But a few minutes on the putting ...

How To Hit A Punch Shot

There are many times when a golfer will be set up under trees or trying to shape a shot low, and will need a specialty shot. A useful skill to have at this time would be the ability to hit a punch shot. The punch shot is a powerful, low-trajectory shot that gives a golfer satisfying distance, while also avoiding hazards. Being able to use this shot when necessary could save str...

Best Range Games

Here's a fact. Most golfers love the idea of going to the driving range and practicing their swing. However, most golfers buy a bucket of balls and just start bombing away. That's better than nothing, but you can make better use of your time (and money) by engaging in specific exercises and games when you go to the driving range.

How To Build A Powerful Golf Swing

Many people will go to great lengths to increase the power of their golf swing. They will spend countless dollars on expensive clubs, change their swings and use many training techniques for any gain in distance. Clubhead speed, hip rotation and proper equipment are extremely important to analyze when you are trying to gain power in your swing.

How Does Spin Affect A Golf Shot?

Spin makes your golf ball rise into the air. The dimples on a golf ball are like the wings of an airplane. They create rushes of air across the ball that go at different speeds. When this occurs, the air that passes across the dimples creates a low pressure zone. The air beneath this low pressure zone moves upward toward the ball because of the pressure differential. Air pushin...

5 Things You Need To Know About Golf Swing Alignment

To keep your golf club aligned and make solid contact with the golf ball, you must align your body properly. The golf swing appears to be a simple motion. It looks like a rope getting whipped around at a 45-degree angle off the ground. But the body must perform many complex movements to make that happen. Your body is a finely tuned instrument that works hard to make the result ...

How To Improve Accuracy

Golfers get an initial thrill from winding up and smashing the ball as far as they can hit it. However, golfers soon learn that winding up and trying to blast the ball is foolish. You may hit the big shot one time in every 10 but that's not a very satisfying percentage. Learning to improve accuracy is the key to having a long-time relationship with the game of golf.

How To Hit A Lob Shot In Golf

Until the lob wedge came into its own, even professionals had a hard time getting close to a pin that was just over a sand trap. Finally, someone had the idea that a club with a higher loft could hit a golf ball high and land it on the green softly. Hence, the the lob wedge was born, and it is now in the bag of every touring professional. Hitting a lob wedge takes practice as w...


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