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Charles Barkley swings on the driving range

Charles Barkley’s Golf Swing Over the Years

Charles Barkley is arguably one of the greatest NBA players of all time but it’s his golf game – more specifically his golf swing – that has generated a buzz since he retired from basketball in 2000.

How to Hit a Golf Ball on a Bad Lie

What could be worse than hitting a perfect drive and you find that it has landed in a divot? Or maybe you have hit your tee shot into the rough, and you have found your ball sitting right in front of a big tuft of grass. Bad lies are part of the game, and you must learn how to deal with them. Here are a few ideas that may keep you from recording those dreadful crooked figures o...

How to Improve a Golf Short Game

Golfers quickly learn that the key to scoring well is doing a good job in the short game. Golfers can learn how to drive the ball and hit their long clubs in relatively short order. However, the short game is always evolving and golfers can improve this area of play throughout their career. The short game involves the nine-iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge and the putter. Some p...

How to Play Stroke Play

Golf is a great game for those who want to spend several hours outdoors taking in the sunshine, green grass and outstanding weather conditions. However, golf also brings out the competitor in many athletes. There are many different ways to compete, including the most common format in the United States, stroke play.

Golfer's feet during swing

The Dance of Golf

Footwork, believe it or not, is important in the golf swing. Sure, you are hitting the ball with the club, the arms and the hands. But the power and timing is controlled by the lower body, and that means the feet. Thinking about the swing from the ground up is a great way to improve all aspects of one's golf swing.

How to Use Lob Wedge

The lob wedge is used when you need to hit a ball high or have it stop quickly on the green. The normal loft of the club is typically between 58 and 64 degrees. Depending on the amount of bounce that your lob wedge has, it can be used from varying locations on the course. If the club has a high bounce (think the look of your traditional sand wedge) it can be used in the rough o...

Two people having fun at driving range

9 Driving Range Games That Make It Fun to Improve

Going to the driving range can sometimes be a drag, but what if you had some fun games to play while you practice? These driving range games will make your range time feel less like a grind and more like a competition, whether it's against yourself or a friend. 

balls with backspin and forward spin arcs

How and Why Golf Ball Spin Rates Impact Your Shot

Spin is a buzzword in the golf world. There are multiple types of spin and they all impact your game, but do you actually know how and why? This article details different types of spin, spin rates, factors, and what spin numbers you should look for.

How Does Someone Get Good at Golf?

The dream of playing consistently good golf is nearly universal among those who pick up the clubs regularly. There are some players who are more than happy just to walk in the sunshine and enjoy a beautiful day as they play 18 holes of golf. But those players are usually few and far between. When you take up the game, you want to get good at it. It takes practice, education and...

How to Play a Desert Golf Course

Some of the most challenging and entertaining golf in the world is played on difficult desert golf course layouts. Desert golf courses provide high-risk and high-reward golfing and are usually extremely long. Therefore there are many important techniques used to lower your scores on the desert set-ups and enhance all skills necessary when playing. Three important skills to have...

How to Hit a Flop Shot in Golf

The flop shot is a specialty shot that is used for short distances that must escape obstacles or land precisely and stop. It requires an open-faced swing that takes much practice to be consistent and develop confidence in the shot. It is a difficult shot for which to get feel and control. There are a few aspects of the flop shot that are critical and must be understood to creat...

Best Hydrating Techniques For Golfers

When it comes to staying hydrated when playing a sport, most people don't give much thought to golf. Football players need water and Gatorade when training in the heat of summer. Basketball players constantly need water as they run up and down the court. But golf? It's a walk in the park, right? Wrong. Staying hydrated during a round of golf is very important especially when th...

How to Hit a Punch Shot in Golf

In golf, there are many times when a golfer will be set up under trees or trying to shape a shot low, and need a specialty shot. A great ability to have at this time would be to hit a punch shot. The punch shot is a powerful low trajectory shot that gives a golfer satisfying distance while also avoiding hazards. Having the ability to use a punch shot in certain situations could...

Patrick Cantlay reads putt with caddy

Things You Should Know About Caddies

Many golfers have never seen a caddy. A majority of golf courses no longer employ caddies to carry the golf bag and track the shot of the golfer. Many golfers don't want anything to do with caddies because they would rather sit in their cart and ride to the ball.

Gary Woodland and Xander Schauffele repair ball marks

How To Repair a Divot on the Putting Green

A properly fixed ball mark takes about two days to heal. A mark that’s not fixed or improperly fixed could take up to three weeks to get back to normal. We all want to putt on the best greens, but that’s only possible if we, as a golf society, collectively do our part to fix our ball marks, which some golfers refer to as divots (even though technically divots are different, we...

Best Breakfast for Golfers

Golf is a great hobby for most of us. Whether it's a trip to the driving range or getting in 9 holes after work, most golfers are just happy to get a chance to play. But if you have a day off, a vacation or are playing on the weekend, you can devote yourself to playing a full 18-hole round of golf. When playing in the morning, it's important to eat a good breakfast so you have ...

How to Improve a Golf Score Using GPS

Global positioning systems (GPS) have been around for years. Even more than a decade ago, the best golf courses had GPS units on the carts so you knew your distance to the green at every point. Now, like all high-tech gadgets that get less expensive over time, the GPS unit falls into the price range of any golfer. This article will share the five steps you can take to find the ...

Multiple devices shown streaming live golf

Steps to Stream PGA Tour Golf Online From Anywhere

Traditional cable subscriptions are on technology’s version of the endangered species list. As cord-cutting becomes the norm, more and more golf fans are searching for ways to stream golf online, preferably for free.

divot from golf ball near hole

How to Put Backspin on a Golf Ball in 4 Steps

If you’ve ever watched professional golfers hit shots into the green on TV, you’ve probably thought to yourself “I wish I could put backspin on a golf ball like that.” Well, there’s good news, you can!

How to Hit Out of a Fairway Bunker

Hitting out of a fairway bunker is completely different from hitting out of a green side bunker. Depending on the lie of the ball, you need to determine which club gives you the best advantage. There are situations where the ball is near the front edge of the bunker, which means you will sacrifice distance. Other times, your ball will be near the back of the bunker and force yo...

How to Stop Pushing Your Irons

Golf is a game that requires intense mental discipline and constant introspection once you are on the course. Golfers take several seasons to learn the basics of a good swing. They learn how to address the ball, adjust their stance, take the club back, strike the ball and then follow through. They build a repeatable swing and they practice at the driving range. However, in cert...


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