Tee Box Tricks

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Tee Box Tricks
Category: Tee Shots
Sub-Category: Bunker Play, Alignment, Draw, Bad Lies, Course Strategy, Slice, Fairway Shots

Video Transcript

Video Golf Tip | Tee Box Tricks
By John Elliott

As you prepare to play a golf hole you are dealing with more than just the design of the hole, meaning what is way out there. You are also dealing with the architect's desire to do his best desire to try to trick you, deceive you, fake you out, make you feel insecure. In other words how many times have you played the thirteenth hole at your golf course and one day you play it well and the next day you don't. Did you know the difference could simply be where the tee markers are? Here is what I mean by this. If you look at this hole with me this is our seventeenth hole and as we walk up behind the center of this tee box and we get centered between the two tee markers, the two tee markers and the tee box are setting us the player up to hit it right into the center of the woods on the right side of the fairway, in other words the right rough which there happens to be out of bounds over there. If you walk up here and you let those tee markers and that tee box influence your decisions you will probably going to be aiming out way right and end up wondering why did I hit it out there. The answer is because the architect won. Now if you follow me we are going to go to the other side of the cart path and we are going to stand right at the center of this tee box and we notice now from the left side of the cart path these two tee markers and this tee box set us up right at the bunker down the center of the fairway. Not the one way to the right but the one down the middle. For a lot of players walking up to this side of the tee opens the hole up for them to hit it straight or even with a little bit of a draw because they are on the left side of the hole. On the shot that we just showed you on the right side that is the slicers side of the tee box. So on any given day where the markers are on the tee box can influence your score dramatically if you are not paying attention. Now when you do not pay attention it is usually because you play the same golf course day in and day out you get into habits and you kind of get a little brain dead. Well you can't play golf brain dead and shoot low scores. You must be aware of the tendencies of the architect, the person who puts the tee markers on the tee box and then the overall design of the hole. Pay a little more attention and I guarantee you that your scores will come down.

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Coleman G.  Scored 78 at  Lake Jonesco Gray, Georgia

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