Tee Box Placement

Updated September 1, 2023
Golfer hitting a shot from the tee box
    Golfer hitting a shot from the tee box
    Dave G. Kelly
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Eighteen times in a round you have a chance to have ball in hand, it is like playing pool. When someone scratches you put the ball on the table in your advantage.

You have your chance to take advantage of the tee box on the 18 holes you play. What you would like to do is if there is trouble on one side or the other you want to position yourself on the tee box so you are playing away from trouble.

What to do When the Tee Box is Misaligned With the Center of the Fairway

The architect's job title is Protector Of Par, and they are going to do things to goof you up, especially when you are not paying attention.

If we look at this tee box here it is framed out towards the right. If I go ahead and take my normal setup, which I am going to do here, you can see pretty clearly that I am lined up to the right.

Now to the right happens to be a road that is out of bounds, so I could make a really nice golf swing, hit the ball where I think I am pointed, and the ball is out of bounds and I have a two stroke penalty. To be able to look at it correctly here, don't use the lines on the tee box, pay attention to your target.

When you are playing golf on the course, pay attention to your surroundings, they will really help guide you to shooting some better scores.


Where to Tee Up in the Tee Box to Lower Your Score

On this particular hole there's a creek over on the right hand side. So the trouble is to the right, I want to keep my ball to the left. Teeing off on the left side of the tee would have me hitting towards the trouble and shorten my fairway.

So if I can tee off over on the right hand side of the tee and I tee off as far to the right as I could provided the tee was level.

Where to Stand in the Golf Tee Box

Suppose you are hitting tee shots and you keep missing it right or left and you cant figure out what the reason is and somebody stands behind you and says you lined up 50 yards to the right or 40 yards to the left. This is just one really simple way to help you develop good habits to become a better player.

Every tee box has a little outline or edge where the grass is a little shorter. You can stand behind this edge, look at where this grass is going and then when you put your feet on this line you can pretend that you are hitting your ball out pretty close to along this edge and see how that feels when you are making a practice swing. Does it feel right or does it feel left to you? What you want to do is always develop good habits.