Why Good Sportsmanship is So Important in Golf

By Ed Ibarguen

Hi, this is Ed Ibarguen at Duke University Golf Club, and I wanted to talk to you about sportsmanship.

Golf is a Fun, Social Game

If we asked every golfer in America why you play the game, most of them play it for recreation, and recreation by definition should be fun. Lots of times you are going to find yourself thinking should I pair up with somebody or should I tell the starter that I want to play by myself. Don't play by yourself, golf is a social game, get out and meet new people, spend time, get out there and talk with them.

Lots of times you are playing with somebody that you do not know and you are not really sure what you should say and how you should act. I have a couple of simple rules.

2 Tips for Good Sportsmanship in Golf

1. Don't complain about your shot. When you hit one out there don't say oh gosh, I did not hit that one, that was not by best shot. Just play your game, take your shot and play your golf just like you would normally do.

2. When they hit a good shot recognize it in a very simple and positive manner. Great shot, good recover, nice putt, beautiful swing, so that you are engaging with them in a very positive way and then the two of you will begin to have a report, or you and your wife will enjoy your time with another couple.

Keep that in mind, sportsmanship is at the heart of golf. Utilize it, play with other people, and have fun playing golf. Play golf America.

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