Golf Etiquette Tips

By Michael Joseph

The definition of etiquette is: the forms and manners conventionally acceptable or required in society. On the golf course, this means being courteous to the golf course and your fellow golfer. Etiquette plays a big part in enjoying your round with others. Most golfers would rather play with a poor player who has good etiquette than a great player who clueless in the matter.

Teeing Ground

When teeing off, remember that whoever had the best score on the previous hole has "honors" and hits first. Stand to the entry/exit side of the tee box when others are hitting. Do not stand behind the player or allow your shadow to be cast in their field of vision. Always remain still and quiet (no cell phones) when other players are hitting. If you hit first, do not leave the teeing ground until everyone in the group finishes teeing off.

Caring for the Course

We've all had it happen--a shot in the middle of the fairway lands in a divot or a bunker shot is made more difficult by hitting from a footprint. These are a result of poor etiquette. Make sure you always rake your bunkers, replace divots and fix your ball marks on the green. If you hit a bad shot, do not slam your cIub into the ground and cause an unnecessary divot.

Pace of Play

Nobody enjoys five-hour rounds, no matter how much you love golf. If you are a slow golfer or are in a slow group, that's fine, but be courteous enough to let faster groups through. To speed up play, limit searches for lost golf balls to five minutes. If it looks like a ball could be lost, hit a provisional shot so you don't have to go back and hit another ball.

Always be ready when it is your turn. You should know the distance and have the club selected by time it is your turn. You should not still be sitting in your cart.

Park golf carts or golf bags at the exit side of the green, which is in the direction of the next tee. After the completion of a hole, do not discuss what scores everyone got and how it effects the match. Do that on the next tee. Drive away so the group behind you can hit their shots.

About The Author

Michael Joseph is a golf industry professional in New Jersey. He has worked as a golf professional, instructor, and clubmaker. Joseph's education includes a degree in golf operations management and a certification in club-fitting from The Golf Academy of America (formally the San Diego Golf Academy). Joseph shares his golf experience and knowledge with others by writing articles for Demand Media Studios and


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