5 Ways a Woman Can Generate More Club Head Speed

By Contributing Writer

Increasing clubhead speed allows women golfers to not only improve their length off the tee, but also to heighten their enjoyment of the game. By following a few simple tips based on fitness and technique, handicaps will start to tumble.

Get Fit

Physical fitness is key, because women rely on the lower half of their bodies to generate swing speed. Strong abdominal muscles are critical to generate power (or torque), as golfers coil their bodies during the backswing to follow through to the point of impact. Exercises such as Pilates will help increase abdominal strength.

A Swinging Affair

Your golf swing should have a smooth backward action, combined with an aggressive downward swing. Many golfers pay too much attention to making their swings look graceful from start to finish, while forgetting that a strong, determined downswing is the key to power. By keeping your left arm straight at the beginning of the backswing and hinging your wrists, you'll be able to keep the club away from your body and create the necessary swing path and speed.

In Your Bag

Custom-fit clubs are a must, but according to a survey in "Golf Digest," 59 percent of women golfers aren't using custom-fit clubs, which is affecting their distance from the tee. To increase clubhead speeds, women should look for clubs with graphite shafts to create sufficient "lag"--the element of the swing that keeps the clubhead behind the hands prior to the impact zone. This whipping action creates the optimum speed and allows the club to accelerate through impact.

Staying Loose at the Tee

Don't tense your muscles at address. A loose, relaxed posture will enable your body to work efficiently and generate maximum power at the point of impact. Flex your knees so your stance forms a solid base, enabling a correct weight shift throughout the swing.

Get a Grip

A strong grip creates a more efficient swing path. Make sure your hands are comfortable when gripping the club. For right-handers, grip the handle in the palm of your left hand--not in the fingers--right under the fleshy pad. Then add your right hand, gripping the left hand by the palm.


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