Shot Shaping Strategies

, GolfLink Editor
Updated September 1, 2023
Golfer stuck behind a tree
    Golfer stuck behind a tree
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Golf is a game of managing trouble. If you hit your ball into trouble, here are some tips for using your ability to shape shots to help get yourself out of trouble.

Hit a Golf Slice Intentionally

There are times where you have to hit a big cut, a slice, and you need to know the steps to take. A Tour player sets up to hit a slice so he is in great shape before he even takes the club away. Many amateurs will have the idea in mind but they do not set up as well and they either have to make a phenomenal recovery in their swing or an adjustment or they just do not pull the shot off.

How to Hit a Hook Shot Around a Tree

Here's a tip on how to curve the ball out of trouble after you've curved it into the trouble. I'm faced with a shot where there's a tree in front of me. I've got either to go to the left or to the right, there's a few things to consider. Your lie is the first and most important thing to consider. 


How to Hit a Slice Shot to Get Yourself Out Of Trouble

Every round of golf, you are going to be in the trees or in the rough where you are going to have to shape the flight of the ball one way or the other. The shot we are going to look at here is the deliberate slice.

A Simple Strategy to Improve Your Golf Shot Shaping

A lot of times when a player is out on the golf course and he has a tree in front of him where it is going to obstruct his direction to the green he just pitches it out and takes his penalty. Well you don't have to do that, you can shape the ball around the tree, right to left, left to right. All you really have to know is how to do that, and it is pretty simple.