How to Hit a Golf Ball Correctly

By Steve Silverman

golfer on the green
Learning to hit the golf ball correctly is the first thing any golfer should try to learn once he understands how to hold a club and address the ball. Most new golfers are excited by the idea of hitting a golf ball 200 yards or more, so their desire is to step up to the tee and smack the ball as hard as they can. This is the wrong strategy to employ, and new golfers find this out quickly.


Difficulty: Moderate
  1. Stand about 20 to 24 inches from the ball at address. Your left shoulder should be pointed at your target, which is usually the green. Your left foot needs to be directly below your left shoulder. Play the ball midway between your left leg and right leg. If you are using a driver or fairway wood, you may want to play the ball one ball length closer to your front leg.
  2. Begin your swing by slightly shifting your weight onto your back foot and rotating your hips to the right. The key to a powerful golf swing is getting your entire body involved, and not just swinging with your arms and legs. As you turn your hips to the right, your hands should follow.
  3. After you have reached the top of your swing and your hands are close to your right shoulder, rotate your hips back to the left and your weight should be transferred to your front foot. Then your hands and arms should follow. Do not speed up your swing after your hips have come through the hitting zone.
  4. Bring your hands down toward the ball. As you are about to make contact, uncock your wrists so that the club head is in a position to hit the ball squarely.

    Keep your eye on the back of the ball throughout your swing. Most inexperienced golfers are anxious to see where their shot is going and they tend to pick their head up. This usually results in a mis-hit, because the golfer is no longer looking at the optimum spot to hit the ball and it is unlikely that the sweet spot of the club will impact the ball in the right area.
  5. Follow through with your hands until they have reached shoulder level. A full follow through will help provide backspin to the ball and this will help the ball fly further and straighter.

Tips & Warnings

  • Go to the driving range and practice your swing. The more you practice each week (i.e. up to 3-4 times a week), the better your swing will become.