Fix Your Golf Hook or Slice

By Laird Small

Here we are, number fourteen at Pebble Beach, it is a long par-5 uphill. You have to really drive your second shot way up into the corner so you have a short shot into this green. Well that requires a three wood and it is usually going to be off of a tight lie.

Reasons Behind the Golf Hook Shot

Many players struggle with this and I am going to try to give you some help with that. I am going to use this hula hoop to help illustrate that. On the bottom of the hula hoop I have some tape to show where the bottom of the swing will be. If you are a hooker of your golf ball what is happening is that the bottom of your swing is happening too early, so I am going to move the hula hoop backwards to show that. You see when I tilt the hula hoop back the bottom of the hula hoop moved back and that is going to represent a swing that goes more inside out. What happens is that the club bottoms out too soon and it is ascending when it hits the golf ball, causing you to top it or hit it very low on the clubface.

What Causes a Golf Slice?

Now just the opposite would be true if you are a puller or slicer of the golf ball. The bottom of the swing is now represented more forward, which means the swing is coming down to steep and you will hit it on the bottom of the club or you will hit a big slice off to the right. To fix it you really want to do a little bit of the opposite.

How to Fix a Golf Hook or Slice

If you are a hooker feel like you are going to make your swing a little bit steeper or you are going to come over the top of it. If you are a fader or a puller of your ball, feel like you are going to want to try to hook it. One of the ways to make you feel that is in your set up. A hooker's set up is going to be more tilted away from the target at address, I am exaggerating so that you can see it, so feel like you are going to be set up more forward. A slicer's set up is going to be more towards the target, so feel like you are going to be a little more like a hooker and tilt away from the target. That will give you the opposite feel, which I think you will find will help you on this shot tremendously. If that is too much to handle on the golf course you have options.

Here are some of the other options that you have.

  • You can use a club that has more loft to it which will make the shot significantly easier. Yes, you are not going to get as much distance but you are going to hit the shot. In this case it would be a hybrid type club.
  • Or you can go to an iron.

Consider Your Options Each Golf Shot

So you have some options on the ability to hit some of these shots. I think part of the reason why, if we can get you to understand how you make your mistake on the golf course, you now have a great chance of fixing it when you are faced with that situation. Whatever plan you have to fix your swing on the golf course when the wheels fall off the wagon is the best thing you can possibly do. Let me show you with a shot. That came out ok. I have a chance to put a short iron into the green now. See if you can put a plan in place to fix it on the golf course, that is what the best players in the world do all the time.

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