How to Hit a Golf Ball Solid Every Time

By Savannah Richardson

a golf shot just after impact

Hitting the sweet spot on a club is not only the best feeling in golf, but it also sounds incredible. That “pow” and seeing the ball zoom in the air on the straightest line makes you feel like one of the pros.

Sometimes it’s luck when that happens, and sometimes it's not, however, instead of trying to pluck four-leaf clovers out of a patch, work through these three drills and watch your playing buddies’ heads turn as you hit the sweet spot consistently.

Centered Swing Position Drill

In this first drill we turn to Ed Ibarguen who uses a string to teach golfers how to maintain a center swing position. This simple drill can be practiced in the backyard because full swings aren’t needed here. Some golfers tend to move all over the ball during their backswing, but if you can maintain a center swing position, you’ll be more consistent in returning to the ball.

Being in a good position is a fundamental skill to hitting the ball solidly. For this drill, you’ll need to lie the string on the ground in the middle of your stance as a reference point for your center. Try and keep that position through your turn, even though the turn will eventually force your upper body to move your head a tad. Try and get centered as soon as possible in the downswing to return to the ball in a good impact position.

Impact Position Exercise For Accuracy and Distance

The Impact Position Exercise will help you get in the right position at impact to maximize your distance and accuracy. To hit a solid and straight golf shot, a good impact position is key. For this drill you’ll need an impact bag. If you don’t have one, use a tire or a laundry bag with old towels in it. Set up your bag so the contact point is at your sternum, and go through your swing, releasing the club into the bag.

When performing this drill with an iron, make sure you have more weight on your front foot, which will create that downward strike that you want. If you have that downward strike, you’ll create the divot after impact, which is what you want.

This exercise is different when using a short iron and a driver. With a driver, start with your weight more evenly distributed, and the impact position a couple inches ahead of center, towards the target. You’ll also want to make sure you’re hitting at a slightly more level or upward angle.

Improve Consistency with Better Impact

Pebble Beach Master Instructor Laird Small aims to help golfers become more consistent at impact. Small demonstrates the Line in the Sand drill, utilizing the method Gary Player used to learn how to hit golf shots. Player would go to the beach and hit countless golf balls out of the sand.

This drill can be used with any club, outside the driver. Go into a bunker and draw a line in the bunker. This line is going to represent the ball location. Take a little swing to start and try to make sure the club enters the sand on the line and exits beyond the line. Make sure to get your hands forward on the golf swing to be more consistent at impact. Being in the bunker helps golfers get the feel of keeping their hands forward.

Better Ball Striking

Improving your ball striking is the key to consistently shooting lower scores. By improving your impact, you’ll find more distance, keep yourself in play more often, and have more stress-free pars and birdie opportunities.

Image: blackred/E+ via Getty Images

About the Author

Savannah Richardson is a staff writer for GolfLink. She’s a daily golfer and has worked for two years covering amateur and professional golf events with and The Brunswick News. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Georgia.