How to Improve Consistency with Better Golf Ball Impact

How to Improve Consistency with Better Golf Ball Impact

Practice Your Golf Shot Impact

The defining moment of any shot is impact. Now how often do you practice impact? Here is a wonderful drill that can help you practice impact to improve your ball striking. This came from how Gary Player when he was growing up learned how to hit golf balls. He would go to the beach and hit golf balls out of the sand. Seve Ballesteros did the same thing.

  • Here is the drill for you, any club in your bag, it does not matter, go into the bunker and draw a line in the bunker like this.
  • Impact happens on the forward part of the line or on the target side of the line. What your job is to take your address, the line represents the ball location in your stance which is going to be underneath your left armpit hinge.
  • Now you are going to make a little swing to start with and see if you can have the club enter the sand on the line and exit after the line like that.

Get Hands Forward on Your Golf Swing

You are going to make a swing and you can see how that one entered the sand before the line and if I was hitting a golf shot I would have hit that shot heavy or hit it fat or scooped it. I want to see if I can get my hands a little more forward. You can see how that was more forward, and that was more forward, and that one was more forward. All these divots are starting in the same place and the length of the divot tends to be the same distance. We get into problems when we are hitting back here behind the line or hitting way in front of the line. We are not hitting the ball well. On many driving ranges where you have mats you get away with that shot because the mat creates a spring effect that bounces into the ball and you think you hit a good shot and when you go to the golf course it does not transfer over. I hit them good on the range but I did not hit them well on the golf course. 

Find Good Positioning of Your Club Through the Strike

So the defining moment of any shot is impact and how you are positioning your club through the strike. It is not a position where you stop but a position where you swing through. Being in a bunker like this can really help you get a feeling for having the handle leaning forward, divot starts on the line, lowest part of the divot is well ahead of that line. It is a great training aid, especially for kids and juniors. Give it a try, I know it will improve the quality and consistency of your ball striking.

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Laird Small
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Laird Small is Director of The Pebble Beach Golf Academy and is listed as one of Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers and Golf Digest's #23 instructor in the world.


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