How to Change Golf Spikes

By Greg Lindberg

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When the spikes on your golf shoes get old, damaged or rusted, you will need to replace them with new spikes. Some spikes can be removed more easily than others, but the process of removing old spikes and adding new ones is fairly simple. You should never continue playing on bad spikes as it can lead to injuries, such as an ankle sprain.


Difficulty: Easy
  1. Wash off and clean the bottom of your shoes. Use an old flat-head screwdriver to remove any grass or mud from around the spikes.
  2. Use pliers or a cleat wrench and insert into the holes of the soft spikes. Twist the spikes all the way out. If you have metal spikes, you can simple pry and twist them out.
  3. Place and twist in each new spike one at a time. You should never change only a few spikes. Leaving in old spikes with new ones can damage your feet and hurt your game.
  4. Make sure each spike is twisted into your golf shoes as tight as possible. Put on the shoes and test out how the new spikes feel. The spikes may need to be worn in, so it's helpful to walk on them before playing on them.

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