How to Increase Club Head Speed

By Patrick Foley

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Generating club head speed is an area many golfers look to increase and improve. The thing many golfers do not understand is it takes much more than just swinging as hard as you can to generate proper club head speed.


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  1. A basic fact is the longer the backswing a golfer has, the more time there is to generate faster club head speeds. When lengthening the backswing, remember to keep it controlled. It doesn't matter how fast the club head is going when it hits the ball if the golfer has no control over it. A controlled, long backswing will allow for increased club head speed.
  2. Try to slow the hands when coming through the ball. This will seem unnatural, but it will create lag from the shaft to the club head, allowing for increased club head speeds. At first, this will feel unorthodox, but after a while, it will help with control over the club head and increased speed.
  3. Another way to help with club head speed is to turn the hips into the ball. Turning the hips propels the shoulders forward and through the ball. Work on the hip twist into and through the ball, and this will lead to increased club head speed right away.
  4. Increasing physical strength by doing proper strength training will help to increase club head speed. Areas to focus on would be the core muscles, shoulders and arms. Working on these areas three times a week will help to increase club head speeds. Always remember to be under control when swinging, and that increasing club head speed will take time and proper control.

Tips & Warnings

  • Stay under control.
  • Don't overswing.

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