Learn the Duke Ladies Golf Team Putting Drill

By Ed Ibarguen

Duke University Lady Blue Devils Golf Team

Most of you are familiar with the men's basketball program at Duke University coached by Mike Krzyzewski, they are national champions and we really believe that basketball is king in ACC country.

One thing that you may not be aware of is we happen to have the number one team in the country for women's golf, they are the Lady Blue Devils and one of the games that they play on the putting green to sharpen up their short game skills as well as their competitive urges is the jump back game.

How to Do The Jump Back Putting Drill

It is really quite simple, you come on out, one ball, to the putting green, you are playing with your friends, the lead guy or gal is going to pick the hole, they are going to go ahead and make that stroke to the target. Wherever the ball ends up, that one is about eight inches, 10 inches away from the hole and that would seem to be an easy putt, but you can't do that, you have to jump it back the entire length of your putter directly away from the hole.

Now you need to have this putt, which you can see is no gimme, to be able to make your par, and par being two strokes to the hole. That is a par and we go on to the next hole. If somebody happens to leave it about there you can see that their jump back is going to be considerably longer, and here is the real fun, if you brought it right up on the lip you are going to have to jump it back and you have a real tester before you can win the hole.

So be like the varsity teams at Duke, play a little jump back, and straighten out your short game.

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