Golf's Neutral Grip with a Right-Hand Focus

By Ed Ibarguen

How Your Right Hand Affects Your Golf Grip

We are back with my little friend, that short little club which helps you relate your grip to the clubface. Last time we were together we talked about how the left hand position effects the face. Remember I told you that the left hand is the hand that controls the clubface, but a right hand position is very important. When we got together last time we talked about bringing the right hand underneath, see how my elbow is under, it is not approaching to the outside, I am coming right in here in an underneath position and that right hand position allowed me that neutral. Let's take the right hand and let's do a little bit differently.

  • What would happen if my right knuckle is a little more on top of the club? This is an open face position, watch what happens.
  • When my right hand is in that position the clubface rolls open when I am coming back and when I get back in here see how the toe is down.
  • Again that toe down position means that I am going to have to make some kind of compensation.
  • If I start here and I am coming down that clubface is way open I am going to have to really throw my hands to try to get that clubhead squared. I don't really like that.

The Motorcycle Golf Grip

The other one is the old motorcycle grip, that is getting the hand kind of low, getting the right thumb on the bottom of the grip, and that position right there is going to do the opposite. It is going to tend to hood the clubface, or close the clubface coming back and getting into that position right there. Again, that is not a very effective position because when you are coming in that clubface is so hooded it is going to be hard to get an effective loft at impact and you are either going to pull it to the left or you are going to have to hold that clubface off.

Get Hands in a Comfortable Position for Your Golf Grip

What we are recommending is, and you can do this with a full club as well, try to get your hands in a position where they are relatively neutral and allow you to get in good solid impact positions with your left wrist flat, that face in a nice position and the right hand behind the shaft with the right forearm. Pay attention to your grip it makes a big difference.

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