Women's Golf Tips: increase Swing Speed

By Katherine Marren

Drill for Increasing Swing Speed and Distance

Women are always looking for ways to increase their distance. One of the best drills for that is to do a six ball drill called a speed drill.

  • What you do is set up to the first shot and as soon as you are set you hit the ball.
  • You then go on to the next shot and you basically hit all six balls as fast as you can.

This helps my students for a couple of reasons. One it eliminates the time it takes to get set up to the ball, they stop thinking and kind of let it go and it does speed up their swing. It gives them the opportunity to see that when you let it go you can hit great shots. It also helps them add speed and get to a nice full finish.

Don't Over Think Your Golf Shot

So I am going to demonstrate that drill and you are going to have a lot of fun trying it on your range. I set up to the ball and go. I have to go to the next shot and swing and I am going to keep going. You will be surprised at how many good shots you can hit when you are not really trying to focus, over think it and take a lot of time. This is a great drill to add some speed to your swing and hit the ball further.

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