Hitting Irons vs. Metal Woods for Golf Success

Hitting Irons vs. Metal Woods for Golf Success

What's the Difference Between Golf irons and Metal Woods?

Kids, it is real important as I have said before that you understand your equipment. We are going to talk about the differences between iron and metals.

Golf irons - Get the Ball Up in the Air

irons are built to let you hit down on the ball because you want to get the ball up in the air. You want to hit it a certain height and a certain distance. That is why it looks like someone stepped on the club, that loft we talked about, and bent that club backwards. When I hit the ball with this iron what it is actually doing is hitting down and through the ball and it makes the ball roll up the lines on the face of the golf club, that puts backspin on the ball which makes the ball go up in the air. If I get sidespin on the ball I am either going to get slices or I am going to get hooks, so I really want to hit down and through the ball with an iron.

How to Hit an Iron

So when that iron is built and I put it down behind the ball, as you can see, the shaft and the grip go forward. That is also going to allow me when I set up to put the ball position where I want it positioned, I want it pretty much in the middle of my stance. What I do is put my feet together, I spread my feet out under my shoulders. My hands are always in the same position, which are right here, that is never going to change, and it is going to put the ball right in the middle of my stance. That is going to allow me to hit down on that ball, take a nice divot, let that ball roll up the clubface and go real high.

Metal Woods for Distance

Now, metals on the other hand, as you can see there is not much loft on there. What I really want to do with a metal is hit that ball as far as I can. So do I want backspin on it? No. I actually want to be hitting up on this ball to give that ball a ride.

How to Hit a Metal Wood

To hit up on that ball, what do I need to do with it? I need to place it up in my stance a little bit so that I can actually hit up on the ball when I swing. When I put the driver or anyone of my metals behind the ball, I will put it right behind the ball, I know I want the ball forward in my stance, I want it right off my left heel, and once again a little step forward and a little step back and that puts the ball right off my left heel. Now a swing thought that I give you kids when you are swinging the metals, I just want you to think as if you are sweeping back and sweeping through when you go to hit this ball. When you have the iron in your hand I want you to think nothing more than hitting down and through the ball. If you understand your equipment it will really work for you and help you out.

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Ty Andersen
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Ty Andersen serves as Director of Instruction at The Ty Andersen Golf Academy, and has been named one of the Top 50 Kids Teachers by the US Kids Golf Company. He has developed seven different teaching programs that are registered with the PGA.


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