Teaching Golf Bunker Shots to Juniors

By Ty Andersen

Learning to Hit from a Golf Bunker

How do you get out of a bunker. It is so easy even a kid can do it and we are going to prove that right now. Luke are you ready to do this? Alright.

  • The first thing I am going to ask him to do is to open up his clubface when he set the club down.
  • The next thing I am going to have him do is open his stance.
  • Then all I am going to ask him to do is hit about two inches behind the ball and splash some sand.

Go ahead and rip it. Great golf shot man.

Make Hitting Sand Shots Easy

Getting out of the sand is one of the easiest shots in golf if you know the proper technique. Open up that clubface, open up that stance, and then splash that sand out of the trap. Now for the most important thing. Luke, rake that bunker.

Teach Proper Bunker Etiquette

Parents, it is extremely important that your kids learn the proper etiquette and proper maintenance of a golf course. What he is doing right now is taking care of his golf course. Would you want to come up and have to hit a ball out of a big hole that he just made. I would not. So by him raking that trap what he is really doing is taking care of the golf course and making it a better place for other golfers to play.

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