Proper Driver Technique to Hit More Powerful Shots

By Christopher Toulson

Hi, my name is Christopher Toulson and I am the Director of Instruction here at the Jim McLean Golf School at the Doral Resort and Spa here in Miami, Florida. I am going to talk to you here about driving the ball with authority, what it takes to become a great driver of the ball.

Setting Up for Your Drive

First and foremost would be getting set up to the ball for success. Ideally the height of your ball when you tee your ball up, half of the ball should be above the club. What that is doing is that it is presetting, it is encouraging you to catch the ball on an ascending blow. Where you catch the ball on the upswing. We will stay right here from the get go, the worst thing you can do with a driver is to hit it on a descending blow and take a divot. No great players in the game are taking divots with their driver.

Take a Wide Stance

Your stance with a driver would be the widest with any club in the bag. It is the longest club, so you are going to have the widest base, and also you are going to be the furthest away from the ball with this driver. Your weight distribution is 50-50, or if anything, maybe a little bit more on your right leg, maybe 55% on your right leg. The club shaft at address should be straight, or if anything a little bit leaning back.

Make Contact on the Upswing

Once again, all these things are promoting more of an ascending blow. Never a descending blow trying to hit a driver. I think one critical thing during the golf swing that all great drivers have in common is getting behind the ball and loading the weight into the inside part of their right leg.

Be Aggressive

Having the right mental attitude driving the ball is so important as well. Being able to be aggressive and to swing with some authority. We see so many golfers swinging defensively and trying to steer the ball. Great drivers have a little recklessness to their driving. I am going to hit a couple here.

Check Your Tee

One thing to note, one little tip, is the tee ideally should still be in the ground after you hit your tee shot. That is an obvious indication to you that you have swept the ball off of the tee and you have caught the ball a little bit on an ascending blow.

Remember the Fundamentals

So to improve your driving, improve your set up. Make sure the ball is off your left heel, your stance is wide enough, the club shaft is straight, make sure you load behind the ball and have a mental attitude of letting go. Hopefully these tips will help you with your driving, what I feel like is the most important shot in golf.

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