Practice Golf Pitching with a 6-Iron

By Laird Small

How to Pitch with a 6-Iron

Hitting a nice high pitch shot with your lob wedge is pretty easy to do. How about doing it with your 6-iron. Wow, the clubface is way different. How am I going to get this club to hit a nice high pitch shot up and over this bunker here.

I want to show you a drill that Seve Balesteros did. Here is what he did. He learned how to use the back end of the golf club. I am going to show you how to do that too. At first it is going to be very hard but as you get this done you will be able to have so much more creativity and imagination around that green and you will be able to hit some super high shots that have a tremendous amount of spin. Here is how you get this done. I need to put the club in a condition where I have a lot of loft on it and I am replicating the sand wedge. I have to get the handle really low and back.

Get into the Proper Golf Stance

Then how am I going to get into my stance? I have to get in a stance that is really low and wide. Then when I hit my shot I can not come through with my hands leading or I will hit the shot out to the side, I have to some in with my hands behind the clubhead so that the club can get underneath the ball and get up nice and high. What I am teaching you here is I am trying to get you to use the back end of the golf club so that you start to control the bounce of the golf club and now you can start to alter your trajectory and hit different types of shots. Then when you get your sand wedge in your hand you can start to spin the ball. This is how Tiger and Phil get those magical shots around the green. Let's take a look at it. Wow, that came out nice.

Try Pitching with Other Clubs

You know, practicing with a 6-iron you would be surprised how you get good at it and then you can start to use a 5-iron, 4-iron or even a 3-iron. You get this right and the sand wedge is a piece of cake. You will have so much fun with your friends doing this that you will spend hours trying to get that ball control.

Get Better Leverage on Your Sand Wedge

Here is something else you can work on. If you do not know how to do this already, here is how to do it. With your sand wedge, taking it with your right hand, instead of having your thumb on top turn it to the left side. That is going to give you leverage on the golf club. Now just pick the ball up with the clubface and start to bounce the ball off the clubface. What this is going to do is teach you ball control, teach you where the sweet spot is. You can alter the trajectory of it, you can slow it down and stop it and then bring it back up to your hand. You can show off a little and have contests, how many times can you bounce it up and down. Can you do it behind your back? Have a lot of fun with this. Give this stuff a try it is exiting and fun, it teaches you quite a bit about the ball, the clubface, where the sweet spot is, how to use the bounce. You will start to learn stuff that other people do not know.

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